66th Kohaku

Oops, it started already, missed 24 acts already. Lets do some running commentary. Looks like Dave’s away so its me.

Mmm, NMB48. Hey she can play guitar and sing! A slow song so no fancy choreography. Hey, when did they do costume change?

Sandaime J-Soul Brothers – oh my, the two guys who sing are kinda off. The dancing boys trying to be all masculine and stuff? Who, chrome backup dancers got networked light up suits?

Fukuyama Masaharu – medley of his performances, he’s actually pretty decent.

Mizumori Kaori – clean enka performance, and she gets to ride a robot birdy! Looks like she’s one of the new guard.

Ikimonogatari – the theme for the recent Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro dorama theme, seems mangaka life that the dorama is based on recently passed.

Oh no, it’s the evil mouse! Looks like a production number. Is that Perfume, sounds like they need computers.

Hey Tokio guys, I got news for you, you’re getting old. And dude, those atsusoko shoes! They weren’t bad as long as stayed within limited range, but when it went out, it went out!

Hey look Danielle, its Arashi, oh wait, they’re just talking, next up is Shiina Ringo. Pretty cool staging and intro instrumentation. Oh more computers! Guess cant tell how she can or can not sing. Looks like the budget this year is bigger, although with video screens and projection a lot can be done with less.

James Earl Jones speaks Japanese? And Anthony Daniels? No doesn’t sound quite right.

OK Danielle, now it’s Arashi’s turn. Man, is this year the year of the medley? If they’re not syncing, then they’re doing pretty good so far.

Ahh KB48! Fuzzy! Plaid! And they can do a medley too, I don’t mind! Excuse me, all attention  diverted…  Whee, costume transformation!

Exile – Another only two guys sing and everyone else just jumps around. Dammit, yet another medley. AT least their singing is better than those other guys. Oh, was that the tako dance?

Ensemble piece. X Japan dude on piano.

Hey, it’s Superfly. I’d been wanting to see her on Kohaku because I wanted to hear her live to see if her voice is really that strong or if she could only do it in studio. OK, she’s pretty good live too.

Does Golden Bomber know any other song? I guess its the comedy shtick.

Nishino Kana – You didn’t design your own dress, did you?

Ishikawa Sayuri – Cannot deny the skill of good enka. Clear and powerful.

Itsuki Hiroshi – More power and clarity. Impressive range. Who planted one of those trees with the helicopter seed pods?

V6, we get shiny tight pants too. We do a medley too. We get fricken Lazers!

Perfume – vocals still processed, dance moves less robotic style though. The overlay visuals hurt my brain, pretty cool effects.

Kobayashi Sachiko – classic song. OK, elaborate staging making a comeback, Big moving parts, combined with video, oh my!

X Japan – hey, we can do a medley, because we are X! OK, that’s the way to do a performance. Some old school J rock still rocks, and hey, they get real fire for their staging! I never really got into their stuff, maybe I should.

Misia – Woah, whats that on your head? She’s pretty good, but no audience? Yes, looks like budget went up, staged outside somewhere else with all the candles.

Miwa Akihiro – one of the old guard. Pretty impressive for 80 years old!

Rebecca – whats with the splatter suits? What decade is the band in? This is like if you were a teenager, and your mom and dad had a rock band. They’re not bad, but not very memorable. Oh, oops, they’re a 80’s band.

Imai Miki –  wow she’s been around, and she’s actually pretty good. On key, clean, good range. Yes, she could be someones mom, a singing mom! The piece itself was unmemorable.

Oh no, SMAP. We’re old farts, we get to do a medley too.  Start decent. Ouch, my ears! Save me, please! Let’s be rappy now. Use lots of Engrish, at least no need singing on.

Mori Shinichi – Heartfelt last performance on the Kohaku.

Takahashi Mariko – easy to listen to, not gut wrenching enka, but spot on.

Kondo Masahiko – he’s pretty good.  He’s solo se he doesn’t have anything to fall back on.

Matsuda Seiko – yet another voice that’s been around. While competent, she’s no Kitajima Saburo.

Well, that wraps another year!

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