Beer Is Good – New Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale

P1060292Showing up at stores are beers from New Belgium. I think this is the only one that is not some iteration of an IPA. Pours clear medium amber with light head. Hop and roast malt aroma and bitterness, but not overwhelming. Nice grain finish. Medium mouthfeel.

Solid 3 of 4 fat monkeys.

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  • Had this at DEN. Can’t recall much since I was tired and tired, but it was a positive experience. Got a big bottle of it when Long’s had it on sale. I wish I could wax nostalgic on the rich, warm maltiness, but since I don’t remember that first experience, I can’t. Very nice amber ale. Hiroki like! Made even better by having a Stopper Flaschen-verschlusse so I could spread the enjoyment over two afternoons.

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