Should I Stay Or Go

P1060540P1060538Forgot to finish this. After cutting pieces to fabricate the missing intake stays, next day broke out the welder and welded on the tabs and bolts where the wiring harness will mount. Grabbed can of engine paint had left over from previous engine clean up.Let it dry then came back later and mounted it up. Looks great, looks like right where OEM would go! Unfortunately all was not good. I went to install the starter. I trimmed and shaped the left stay to make sure it gave clearance so that was fine. The problem was that I was using the starter speced for the supercharged MR-2. It mounts on the desired intake side, but shape and arrangement of the motor housing was larger and different from the 20V. It does not clear the wiring harness! Crap. Can’t move the mounts higher as then it will hit the airbox. For now a bunch of zip ties hold the harness in place. All that work….


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