Hosed and Belted

P1060520Dumping these posts in here as much as for reference as anything else, so theres a record of the part numbers I used. To fit the 4AGE20v but connect it to the 16v radiator, after much searching at Napa, found these to be almost perfect fit. Napa hose #7600 for the upper and #8379 for the lower. They do need to be cut down. BTW, PVC pipe cutter works quite well to cut hose.


The 20v crank pulley doesn’t line up to the 16v power steering and alternator, so for the time being I got these narrower 4 rib belts to fit onto the 5 rib pulleys. Its kind of ghetto where the belt rides on the inside groves on one side, the outside groves on the other pulleys, but it works. Got these two lengths, the 315 for the water pump and alternator, the 360 for the power steering.


P1060529 And here is for reference the part I found for the PCV valve. It took digging around Napa’s entire bin to find a good one. The one that was in their was too tall and interfered with the wiring housing for the injectors. This one is just right. # V13050 2-9509.

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