In a clutch

well, looks like the FRS is out of commission, probably for weeks. The clutch/throw out bearing went out. I’m sitting at Toyota service having dropped it off. They’re also saying prob not covered under warranty. Sucks. And the other issues it has suffered since almost new ill have to make some stink if I want done. I hate dealing with that. I’d take care of it myself except one needs a reflash of the ECU. I guess this is one of the hazards of owning first production new vehicle, but the clutch failure is kinda disappointing.

So the service dude called, throwout bearing is not covered under drivetrain warranty. So I put a call  into Ken at Pacific Automotive, my go to mechanic for stuff I don’t want to deal with myself. Turns out he is out due to health problems, oh no! So now I need to figure out what to do.




Update: took it to Masaki’s in McCully/Moilili area. It was done in a couple days with factory parts. Not cheap, but its’s done. Good for another couple years and 50,000 miles I guess. Found out a few months later there is a factory TSB (technical service bulletin) that addresses this and there is a new part advised. Dammit! I guess when it happens again, I’ll get the pimp aftermarket billet chromo clutch fork and pivot and get that changed too. It seems the fork is regarded as weak also, the aftermarket ran computer stress anaylsis and it came out barely adequate. If you run any manner of upgraded clutch it’s prone to cracking. Some people even think its contributing to the bearing failure thinking its flexing . I kinda doubt that, its more likely underspeced bearing with grease not high enough temp that is being touted.

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