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The Clutch

Not being covered by warranty and Toyota being so backed up, I tooked the FR-S elsewhere. Unfortunately my go to mechanic for work I don’t want to do is out on long term sick. So on one persons recommendation I decided to take it to Masaki’s down on King. As promised they took a look at it by next day. Estimate was $2,000, ouch! Damn, I wanted to ask if they needed a part time mechanic! However they said it should be done by Friday, if I were to do it, who knows when I would get it done. Besides, I had my hands full putting the rally FX back together.¬†They called at the end of the day Friday to let me know it was done, but they had not road tested so they would not release it until Monday, I can respect that.

Machine work

p1060723The rally FX engine bits are finally back from machine work. It went through almost a total rebuild. New oversize pistons, block bored out to match. New rod and main bearings, upgraded ARP rod bolts, main studs. Possibly overkill there, but I figured if going through the trouble, might as well. Top end valve guides measured marginal also so new ones sourced for those as well. A pretty penny, should be interesting when all back together.

Beer Is Good – Full Sail Amber

p1060731From Oregon’s FUll Sail brewery, their amber. Pours a clear dark amber, small head. Strong floral hop aroma with accompanying bitter. Some of the malt fights to come through. Medium mouthfeel. Packs some buzz at 6% ABV.

Though not horrible, I can’t say I’m a fan. Given my personal bias I have to hops, I wns up giving this 2 out 4 boingy monkeys.