Ashes to Ashes

Last month the sister and family came down to visit and take care of services for my dad. Dad wasn’t much for ceremony so we kept things simple. We didn’t do the full Buddhist ceremony, it was done more as a memorial service for both dad and mom. We decided to have their ashes scattered a few days later. Seems to be not too common a request for Jodo, but we eventually worked it out. The Reverend Nakano met us the MLK morning at the end of Sandy Beach. He has an awesome voice and his chanting of sutras was masterful!

For a on the fly planned thing, things went great! I guess the spirits were similing on us, brilliant weather, gentle seas. The “scattering” of the ashes wasn’t quite what you might think, but the recommendation from the mortuary was to toss the ashes in the water soluble bag into the ocean. It avoids the possibility of loose ashes blowing into places not desired. That part felt a bit unceremonious, but watching it dissolve and then the ashes disperse in the waves was nice. I’m happy with how things went. Also, shout out to Greg, much thanks for being last second photographer, see more pics here.

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