Oh So Buco


Decided to make a osso bucco like dish for dinner. Instead of lamb shank used Hawaii beef shank. After making it realized that its not very hard, just takes a long time. I guess time is money, which is why restaurants can charge so much for it? It’s basically stew. Looked online at a bunch of recipies to get the gist of things then went for it. Salt & pepper and dredge the meat in flour. Heat up pot pretty hot, add oil, brown meat. Remove meat, then saute the classic aromatic veggies of onion, carrot, and celery. Toss in herbs, I grabbed fresh rosemary and bay leaf from our yard, threw in a few sprigs of thyme bought from store, saute a bit. Toss in finely diced hot red pepper. Then deglaze. Supposed to use wine, but I had the Russian imperial stout which is pretty winelike. “Not too sweet, not too rancid, jus’ right!” (For you off islanders, look up Rap Reiplinger’s Auntie Marialani)Throw in beef broth, return the meat to pot, throw in tomato paste. Reduce heat to low and simmer, for a while. Couple hours a least. Adjust salt to taste. It calls for lemon zest, I instead used yuzu zest from our tree and added just a little before serving.

I can report that it was quite yummy!

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