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Hawaii Ballet?

HI5-0 filming on Young by the back of HPD. From the big blue fake signage, ballet will be part of an upcoming episode.


Flingy Grease

Un-lucked out being behind a first-gen Highlander whose CV joint boot exploded. Got smeary residue on the windscreen that won’t easily rinse off.



Dang, does my car have one of the Glen Larson targets painted on it? It’s gotten bird poop bombed the last two days, and I don’t park under any trees or power lines! Who squeezed the pigeon over my hood?

AKB48 get?

Just heard KORL play that other older song of theirs again. Everytime I hear it, I wonder, just what the heck is a “Flying Get”? At least “My Urethra” makes sense, sorta.

New Year’s Fire Works

No fireworks this year, which was good in a way, since it had become rather tedious in previous years.  Instead, we lit the street on fire!  With booze!  Not good booze, thank you – this was some horrid old Ballantine’s blended scotch that had turned cloudy with black sediment.  No drinky?  Burrrn!


62nd Annual NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen

Hey, it’s that time of year again.  Wonder how things will be this time.  I imagine the earthquake and tsunami will be an underlying theme this year.  I’m doing this live again, so this post will be continually updated over the next several hours as the program progresses… Continue reading ’62nd Annual NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen’

Hatsuhinode 2012

OK, I barely got up in time to rush up to Koko Head District Park to snap some hatsuhinode pics. When I pulled in I was greeted by an almost full parking lot, WTF! When I last did this, I think it was two or three years ago, the place was deserted. This trail has become too popular. I’m thinking something is going to come to a head, last I hiked about a month ago, the trail is taking a pounding.  Anyway, I got set up just in time. I’ll post up the pic later, have to go through & process still yet.

OK, updated with my pic of this year. I unfortunately didn’t have time to properly set up the GoPro time lapse, oh well, next time!

To Thai For

OK, we finally caved in and visited To Thai For restaurant in Kaimuki. It is in the space along Wailae Ave where Verbano used to be. We had reservations with the name & the prices seemed a bit on the higher side. The Scatman insisted however that his Thai friend picks it as one of his select few that he will eat at. The interior has been lightened up from what it used to be so feels much more casual. It was pretty busy, service pretty good.

Instead of going full family style, we ordered a pork Larb to share and then we each got individual entrees.

Continue reading ‘To Thai For’

Toyota and Fonts

Today while in back of a Lexus LS560, I was reminded that Toyota never uses the same font for any of the rear badging on their cars.  I remember our Camry V10 wagon had “Toyota”, “Camry”, “V6”, and “LE” in 4 different fonts and pitches.


That Guy

My row neighbor on the plane asked me what kind of work I did after seeing the MultiCam pack and GPS.  I told him, “various things,” in Nihongo, and after a bit of conversation when he found out I was travelling on a US passport, his suspicions were confirmed that I was “that guy”…  He probably thought I was scribbling all kinds of spook stuff in my tiny rite-in-the-rain notepad with my space pen when all I was doing was calculating the dollar value of all the otaku stuff I was bringing back for the customs form using the calculator on the GPS!