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Domestic Tools

I guess finding myself now a homeowner, I’m buying household appliances now. This purchase of a Braun immersion/stick blender was prompted by the need to make whipped cream and not finding the old hand crank mixer we used to have. I also could not locate the electric mixer. Both probably long gone. It appears manual mixers do not exist in stores anymore, there was one at the Kahala cookware store, but it was a horrible made in China affair. If it were an antique it might be kinda cool, as it was constructed like something from centuries ago. So then my search turned to alternatives. I didn’t want to really get a conventional electric mixer as I didn’t see myself using it often, but then looked into stick blenders. After some searching, I settled on this Braun I found in stock at the local Target. It’s a good step above the base cheap models that were more available in the stores. The beauty of immersion blendesr is you can blend and/or mix in whatever container your working with. Aside from the usual blender tip, it came with a whisk and mini food processor attachments, which maxes it multi use. The removable tip design makes cleaning easy too. Continue reading ‘Domestic Tools’

Ashes to Ashes

Last month the sister and family came down to visit and take care of services for my dad. Dad wasn’t much for ceremony so we kept things simple. We didn’t do the full Buddhist ceremony, it was done more as a memorial service for both dad and mom. We decided to have their ashes scattered a few days later. Seems to be not too common a request for Jodo, but we eventually worked it out. The Reverend Nakano met us the MLK morning at the end of Sandy Beach. He has an awesome voice and his chanting of sutras was masterful!

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Beer Is Good – New Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale

P1060292Showing up at stores are beers from New Belgium. I think this is the only one that is not some iteration of an IPA. Pours clear medium amber with light head. Hop and roast malt aroma and bitterness, but not overwhelming. Nice grain finish. Medium mouthfeel.

Solid 3 of 4 fat monkeys.

$3 costs $500

Brake switch padI’m sure Risu has ranted about this Toyota part years ago. This is from the rally FX, which I’m sure is the same part # as Risu’s LandCruiser and every other Toyota in creation. Continue reading ‘$3 costs $500’

Maui poop

Was Maui always this stinky? It smells like poop!


No pauah

Man, electricty’s been out here for the last couple hours so far. Time to go for a drive! (Maybe should ride, but need to go buy some stuff) Gee HiElectric, it’s only some gusty winds!



Man, Hilo airport is kinda ghetto. The main restaurant/bar is outside of security, and the bar side is closed. One dude running register, bussing tables, cooking, bartender. At least they still running their drafts am this local red is decent! Time to hit security!


Civil defense?

So what happened with the test today, I heard the sirens but nothing on KORL as I was driving?


Tha’s right!


Mama’s sportsman shop?

Was just going to blog the other day wondering about if Security Equipments ownership changed? Nope looks like they’re filming prod HI50 there today.