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Hfd & hpd?

Hfd1 just pulled someone off the lanai lookout side of Koko crater. A dark blue copter was also buzzing in Koko head park and the shooting range, prob Hpd? Not sure what they were doing


Road raging

The proper procedure for a lane change is signal intention, look to verify clear, initiate lane change, NOT initiate lane change, look, swerve back into lane, then signal.


Road Raging

Turn signals have been standard equipment on automobiles for over 50 years, their use is not optional! You there in your newfangled Eco car, that Leaf is not so technologically advanced that it detects your intentions and telepathically transmits a signal to other drivers!

Just because there are no lines in an intersection does NOT mean its a free for all zone!

And red is still NOT the new yellow. Even if you’re a City Bus!


Alternator lifestyle

OK, sheesh, I ended up sacrificing the rear window defroster wire, it’s fairly thick, and has the appropriate spade connector on the end even! And with the tint job, I don’t think you can use it anyway. Jump the solenoid direct to battery and it starts right up, sounds familiar.
Then on way home, the charge & brake warning lamp starts coming on, crap, this alternator is craping out too! At last traffic light by library, of course I catch the red. Uh oh, the dash lights are dimming. Turn off headlights, hurry! Go faster Camry, why the heck are you doing speed limit?! Make it home, just barely. After dinner when I try to start, it tries but not enough juice. Measure the Diehard Platinum & it’s down to 10v, yikes! Slapped the charger right now!


Clicky clicky

Great, I’m stuck at petland kahala right now, the rally FX won’t start. Clicky of a relay, but no starter, how familiar. I wasn’t expecting this FX to do this too so I don’t have the hot-wire jumper wire or clutch safety bypassed. Curses, I could try push start in this little parking lot I suppose….



So we are back at gate. Someone goofed & plane is overloaded. This may take a while, dammit!


Conformist nonconformists

So I’m at dole cannery theater to watch Mutant Girl Squad & there’s a pile of fixies leaned against benches locked together. Going to line up & spot them a mile away. Why is it for people supposedly wanting to be different, you can spot them in their similar dress?


Goofed up traffic patterns

Holy cow, traffic trying to get back to office is totally messed up. State holiday has messed up the usual patterns. Gridlock & idiot drivers locking up intersections all over!


Driver’s Ed

Bonehead in red Mazda 3, I sure hope the driving instructor pointed
out that you were a prime example of how NOT to drive as you blasted
by on the RIGHT on two lane Diamond Head road around the driver ed
car. Wish the cop citing moped furthur up street saw that.


The Chair

Yay! I’m amazed, like all too often nowadays saw someone run red, but
this time was a cop on intersecting light saw it & chased em down!
Give em the chair!