Beer Is Good – Sam Adams Octoberfest

And now for Samuel Adam’s entry into this seasons Octoberfest beer. Pours clear dark amber medium head. Mild hop aroma, medium bitter that tapers. Finishes with a nice malt and nut. Medium crisp mouthfeel. Easy drinking but some substance to make for a good fall beer.

Easy 3 out 4 October monkeys.

Pie My Eye!

Pro Bar Fuel Blueberry Pie

When you’ve been riding for 8 days straight and eating the same sets of energy bars, you run into food fatigue and don’t want to see another bar for a while. It’s been a few weeks now and were back riding at home, but I still have some of that fatigue, so I decided to try one of these that I haven’t before. The picture and name conjured up images of yummy pastries. Imagine my disappointment when I tore the package open and saw this. I didn’t expect to see a slice of pie like in the illustration, but I had at least hoped for something like a Pop-tart. What about this is blueberry pie? OK, there is the aroma of blueberry, but this is pretty much a fig bar. Not even a fig Newton with the somewhat crusty stuff. It’s not aweful, but it’s not PIE!

I’m tempted to give it less because I feel deceived, but I’ll give it 2 out 4 pie coveting monkeys.

Beer Is Good – Sierra Nevada 2017 Oktoberfest

This years SN Oktoberfest seasonal. Pours clear light amber, medium strong head. Hop aroma, but not floral. Also a fair amount of bitter yields to malt. Medium mouthfeel.

A pretty good offering, but doesn’t make me sit up and cheer.

3 out 4 Oktober monkeys.

OneUp Components EDC Tool

OneUp Components is a Canadian company based in Squamish that produces various mt. bike accessories. Previously probably more well known for their drivetrain parts to extend your gear range. Their newest bit is this clever multi-tool that stashes either in your fork steerer tube or in their new mini-pumps. They managed to fit 2 through 6 and 8mm Allen wrenches, T25 Torx, tire lever, emergency chain breaker, quick link breaker, flat screwdriver, 4 sizes of spoke wrench, a spare chainring bolt, slot to store quick link, and cassette lock ring notch tool. Spec also lists presta valve core.

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Beer Is Good – Sam Adams Tropic of Yuzu

Next in the summer variety pack is this “ale brewed with spices with yuzu juice added.” Pours clear light amber, medium light head. Citrus aroma, subtle spice. Definite yuzu aroma. Slightly more hop and bitter than the other selections in the pack, but not strong. The bitter does linger a bit more. Some grain in the finish. At 6% ABV it packs a tiny bit more punch than the others of this pack.

Perhaps not a great beer, it is the most interesting of the pack. Maybe makes 3 out 4 yuzu monkeys. Oh yeah, someone tell the label artist yuzu does not look like a lemon.

Beer is Good – Sam Adams Berliner Weisse

Pours cloudy light yellow with moderate head. Does not have a strong initial aroma, it is quite tart. Thankfully not strongly floral and hoppy. Some of the wheat character. This is part of their summer variety pack so it seems the aim is lighter, crisper, easy drinking beers, which this fills in pretty well. Apparently Berliner is supposed to be even more sour than this, I guess I’m glad this isn’t entirely faithful to the style? Too sour doesn’t appeal to me in a beer.

This isn’t quite good enough for a 3, so its 2 out of 4 sour monkeys.

Beer Is Good – Sam Adams Hefeweizen

From the summer variety pack. Pours cloudy medium yellow, medium strong head. Citrus aroma touch of the hops comes through, but low bitter. Wheat character doesn’t come through, just a touch of grain in the finish. Medium light mouthfeel, clean and dry. Call it a heffe-lite.

This is one of those inoffensive beers, but also lacks character that makes me like it either. I’ll have to give it 2 out 4 monkeys.

More Tranny Parts

Need to catch up on posting these images up for posterity and reference so I know what parts to buy if I need to replace. First is the transaxle output shaft seals for the FX16 with the C52 transaxle. These are the aftermarket part #’s I used.


Next is the clutch throwout bearing. I don’t foresee these going out of production anytime soon.




Now these will be good to have the part #. I’m running the JDM 4AGE 20v, but with the 16v main pulley, alternator, p/s, and waterpumps. These are the two belt sizes I used.




Cliff Peanut butter banana bar

When i was a kid, would love having peanut butter and banana toast. Picked up this new flavor to try out. Pretty good, but it doesnt evoke any of those memories. Like Cliff’s nut butter bars, the flavor is much mutted, i didnt get any banana flavor until almost my last bite. I suppose thats better than being loaded with artificial banana flavor.

3 out 4 banana coveting monkeys.



Beer Is Good – Sam Adams Summer Ale

Seasonal from Samuel Adams. Pours cloudy bright yellow, light head. Musky hop aroma, citrus notes, wheat finish. Low bitter, crisp, light mouthfeel.

The hops are hovering on the edge of skunk, if it avoids that then its an easy drinking crisp beer. Keep it out of the sun and it just makes 3 out 4 summer monkeys.