The Warped minds of Studio New Media

Atsusoko Hakase

AKA Prof. Fabio – Finisher, software guru: Born human, but transformed into a giant berserk cyborg with extensive mechanical upgrades, Professor Fabio spends nearly all of his waking hours fighting an endless holy war against the very computers and technology that made his existence possible. Unconscious hours are spent mindlessly worshipping Japanese idol singers and tending an ever-growing collection of tall shoes.


Risu – illustrator, writer, finisher: Neither living nor dead, this cursed zombie is always drawing naughty pictures of bizarre sex or creating lurid story ideas when not heeding the Bokor’s call to read manga or watch anime or bad Japanese movies.  With a necrotic brain constantly bombarded by unnatural imagery, Risu’s only solace can be found in the self-destructive masochism of mountain biking or the calming serenity of enjoying a good cup of coffee in a place away from all computers.


AKA Guy – key finisher: Superhero stuntman defying the laws of nature and mankind in his quest for the pure thrill.  Found as a baby near Roswell, New Mexico, Guy was raised as a normal child and lived an ordinary life, that is, until a chance event unlocked his dark, alien secret.  Now, whenever drawings go unfinished, traps go undabbed, anime go untranslated, or computers go unpunished, Extreme Guy will be there to set things right.