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Dammit, driving over an hour to Powder Mountain only to find it closed! Doing doughnuts with Chevy Tahoe in their parking lot helps.


Dam you pow mow

Driving 1.5 hours from sandy to powder mountain only to find it closed.  They were allegedly supposed to be open! Bastage! On to IceBasin instead.

Uncle Jeremy

Just saw Jeremy Harris at Waterfront Row. Guess he didn’t cut and run from the state after he lost to Mufi.



Darn, I guess LSD is not a locker. Lost a cv shaft (was a “new” one too), dead in water. Called for tow


What does “Stop” mean?

You know, don’t we learn from elementary school that stop means… stop?! You know, that word printed on those red signs with eight sides?


Weld & More Weld…

Holy cow, I suck at welding. After four days, I finally got the exhaust downpipe to cat section welded to where it doesn’t leak too badly. Just a bit of muscling and I got it installed, fits pretty well. It does get a bit close to the CV boot, hopefully its not a problem. The relocated O2 sensor just clears too. It certainly wont win any beauty contests, my welds are ugly, with many welds on top of welds, but its together and working!


Received my exhaust downpipe kit to fit the 4AGE 20 valve header pipes from sv3power. It/he is a company that specializes in exhaust components to fit the AW11 first gen MR2. I’m pretty sure it’s a single guy fabricating parts per order. It was the only place I found that had flanges to fit the 20V manifold, of course the 20V one is slightly different than the 16V. I found on his site an unassembled downpip kit that looked like it would work well since the MR2 is set up the same as a FWD Corolla except the motor is in back. The exhaust manifold is the same. So here is the kit. It was a little less assembled than I thought, I guess I thought the pieces that were together would be welded already, but they were only tacked. Looks like my welding skills, or lack of, will get a workout!

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2011 Fall Season Anime

This new season has been pretty spare – even more so than last season. Here’s a brief rundown of the shows that made it past the cursory filtering that we actually bothered to watch: Continue reading ‘2011 Fall Season Anime’

Hu da Guy?

Who got me stuck in traffic again?  Hu, of course!  Who?  Yeah, Hu.


Who’s on First?

Who got me stuck in traffic?  Hu got me stuck in traffic.  Wait, who got me stuck in traffic?  Yeah.  Hu.  Too bad it wasn’t Kelly Hu.