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Just about now, the sun is rising in Japan for the first time in 2009. On the webcams in Hokkaido, people have been up since dark, getting ready to photograph it at various scenic spots. Being the furthest part of Japan to the East, Hokkaido will get the sunrise first.

Just watching now to see the moment…

Oh… there it goes!

Shin-nen akemashite omedetou gozaimasu!


How does one begin to describe this…
We got lunch from Sugoi’s in Kapalama (near Woodcraft and the Driver’s Licencing office). They had breakfast stuff, so I ordered the “Hash Loco Moco“. Lo, a more amazing thing I have never before had! Imagine if you will, a Loco Moco made with a 3cm thick, 15cm diameter breaded and deep fried corned-beef hash patty instead of the hamburger patty! Essentially corned-beef hash katsu and a fried egg on rice smothered in brown gravy! The gravy was a tad salty, but the hash was very good. Continue reading ‘Sugoi!’


Packed in my senbei I had for lunch. Oh my, that sounds very dangerous! I better go find some dessicant to pack this in!


Oh, sorry, the earthquake power outage was two yeArs ago. Hour 11, no
power. radio said to expect longer.


What is this, a new Hawaii holiday tradition?!

What is this, a new Hawaii holiday tradition?! It was just about a
year ago when the power went out island wide. At least there was a
fairly valid reason for it with a eartjquake. About 45 minutes ago,
just when i left work, the power went out and i watched it cascade and
follow me home. Way to go HECO, sign that the grid is overloaded.


Damn 3G

Frikn 3g network w/phone. sitting here in Mapunapuna, full bars,
couldn’t make a phone call back to office until i turned 3g off.


Krapp! The Lion Coffee cafe is closed today! WTF?!


Oakley Flak Jacket, XLJ G30, Rx, Asian Fit

Finally replaced my M Frame Rx’s. I’ve always had problems finding sport glasses to fit my face. Low nosebridge the most annoying problem so that glasses nosepieces were superflous and the bottom edge would sit on cheeks, and a gap over the top of frame I could look out over. At the time the M Frames were one of the few (or only) high coverage sport glasses with a single layer prescription lens. I learned to live with the nose bridge. The optics were stellar. But the prescription insert eventually would cause the outer polycarbonate lens to crack. I actually had one of the first generation models, and went through three iterations. Each successive one Oakley improved on the problem, but eventually those stress cracks would still appear. Continue reading ‘Oakley Flak Jacket, XLJ G30, Rx, Asian Fit’

Royal Riviera

Wow! This is the first time I’ve had a pear that made me go, wow! My mom received a box of “Royal Riveriera Pears” as a gift. Just had a quarter of one, eaten with a spoon, kind of like eating a wedge of melon with a spoon. Creamy texture, juicy, and wonderfully sweet. I’m used to grainy, bland, watery. This had to be the best pear I’ve ever had, simply amazing!

Takoyaki Samurai

Right next to one of our work clients is a takoyaki shop. It’s located on corner of Kuhio and Nohonani St, Waikiki Marketplace. Finally got a chance to try it. Small shop set up with a bunch of tables and folding chairs to hang out in while munching on your tasty snack. You’ll commonly see takoyaki translated as octopus balls, although I think octopus dumplings is a more appetizing western description. Spheres of glutunous batter with chunk(s) of tako cooked on a special shaped grill. No, it’s NOT deep fried! It’ll have a lightly browned outside, inside soft and mouth burning lava hot. Best eaten while said lava hot, they definitely lose much appeal if allowed to cool and deflate. All takoyaki places I’ve been feature the grill in open view so you can watch the cook deftly spin the takoyaki into spheres, and Takoyaki Samurai is no exception. I believe it’s part of the experience, it wouldn’t quite be takoyaki if you don’t get to watch them being made. Continue reading ‘Takoyaki Samurai’