Monthly Archive for March, 2014


I’m getting a free reggae/”Jawaiian” concert sitting here in my room. It seems Natural Vibrations is playing a concert at the Kaiser High football field. Seems the weather is holding out for them. The forecast unstable weather with heavy showers has for the most part missed us here.



Driving into work this morning, a spate of non-signalers drove me nuts that I started keeping count. When I first started instances of signalers during an event that require them, I was at 1 out of 10. By the time I got to work the sample size got bigger and things evened out a bit, 37 signals out of 63. So guess it was more than 50%, but not much.


Solo St Lous

Was almost going to give up on a ride, but Chris will be glad to know I went. I took a peek outside when work was done and saw how beautiful it was. I’m healthy, I don’t have wimmin problems, I don’t have a p p puppy, f it, I’m going riding! Continue reading ‘Solo St Lous’

Monku Monday

Forgot to post up monku Monday rant. How lazy are people?! Pulled into stall at Foodland when an errant shopping cart came rolling toward the car. Had enough time to reverse out of the way, jump out and catch the cart and take it 20 yards to the cart return station.

How annoying are people?! Going home on Kal Hwy after, Tacoma in right lane I’m in middle. There is no one behind us for at least a quarter mile. He speeds up to cut in front of me, no signal, cuts into the next left, no signal, then cuts into the left turn lane, no signal, and has to stop to wait for the turn light.



Bicycle vs. TPT yellow tour bus at Pu’uhale and Nimitz. HFD pouring bleach on pie-pan-sized pool of blood.


Got Milk?!

It’s rant Friday! How can an ice cream parlor run out of milk?! It’s like that Mexican place Zaratez being out of pork, repeatedly. I’ve been denied a milkshake! Curse!



Of course the weekend rolls around and the rain does too! Drove past the Hawaii Kai carnival thing, think they got it worse than Punahoe!



Big shoot over at Keehi Lagoon Park. Almost looks too big to be just HI5-0, unless all the cast members are present.



Oblivious drivers, just saw a silver compact SUV drive down S King street the wrong way, for three blocks. They didn’t figure all the honking from the oncoming cars meant anything?


Going Euro

So this is what the mailman brought today. Yes, it came USPS Priority Mail. Not exactly cheap, but it was fast, it shipped from the UK on Wednesday. UK? Yes I had to call out to over the other side of the globe to find this rally stuff. It just isn’t very big here in the USA so selection is limited. I was taking abit of a leap of faith on these parts, I didn’t really know where they were made. I was pretty sure the rims were made somewhere in the EU. Turns out they are made in Italy. Not sure how to feel about that, but the brand has been around for a long time. They came with a set of aluminum hub centric spacers of the correct size for the FX that get retained by a spring clip into the wheel, nice! Also full set of extended shank lug nuts, but cap ends so I can’t use them with my extra long ARP studs. Oh well. Continue reading ‘Going Euro’