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They need to animate this!  俺のぱんつが狙われていた。(Ore no Pantsu ga Nerawareteita)


Found the relocated Sapporo Mandarake.  They’re in the Norbessa building with the big ferris wheel on top.  The new shop space is much larger, but it didn’t seem like there was a whole lot more content.  Surprisingly, I didn’t find any unusual figures or arcane DVD’s or manga to add to my collection. Figure-wise, there seemed to be a lot more of the second-tier game prize figures than before.  There were a disturbing number of very graphic, uncensored dakimakura covers.  …Oh, and someone bought the 1:1 scale Kokonoe Rin figure.

Ouch! My Wallet

Shopping days will do that.  Caught the subway out to Shiroishi and went to Shuugakusou Shiroishi to turn about $270 USD into things made out of titanium.  Their Snow*Peak signature store is pretty awesome.  They also have various other domestic titanium backpacking cookware and tableware manufacturers that don’t carry as heavy a price tag, but the stuff is still not cheap.  Nice thing though the mystery Japan ti brands are not much more than mystery China ti stuff like GSI Outdoors. Continue reading ‘Ouch! My Wallet’


Vince will probably get a kick out of this.  Dave at Mojo Tactical has them in stock.  A cursory internet search indicates that they are from Orca Tactical, but I’m guessing they are not licensed.  Quality is good.  They are available only in the desert tan colorway.

Shirokiya Hawaii Hokkaido Fair

Ooo!  I saw some lightly dried, lightly salted Hokke at Shirokiya’s Hokkaido Fair yesterday.  It wasn’t cheap ($25 USD), but it isn’t common to see outside of Japan.  I would have bought some if it weren’t for the fact that I wasn’t going to be home for several hours, and I didn’t want it to go bad (it was refrigerated).  Root might be interested that they also had Matsumae-zuke (which can be expediently made into Matsutaka-zuke).  I didn’t taste any (either) nor buy any when I was in Matsumae in 2008.


Manga Briefs – Winter 2011/2012 Impulse Buys!

Over the holiday season in Sapporo, I really didn’t have a whole lot of time to browse for manga and related goods. I made by with a quick stop at Toranoana and Animate on the way to the airport, and even found something interesting at the bookstore at the airport. I was in a rush, so aside from the latest volumes of things I am already reading that I managed to find in a quick eyeball of the shelves, I grabbed a couple of new titles that seemed interesting from a cursory flip-through. I still haven’t gotten a chance to fully read through these yet, but here are some quick descriptions: Continue reading ‘Manga Briefs – Winter 2011/2012 Impulse Buys!’

Manga Briefs – Mayo Chiki! (JDM)

Briefly, this is a romantic comedy built around a second-year high school boy with a female phobia from years of abuse by his professional-wrestler mother and exuberant younger sister who gets involved with a sadistic princess classmate and her cross-dressing female “butler”. The manga is an adaptation of a light novel series with a TV anime slated to start March 2011 (probably delayed due to the recent earthquake and tsunami). Continue reading ‘Manga Briefs – Mayo Chiki! (JDM)’