Monthly Archive for April, 2015

Beer Is Good – Smithwick’s Winter Spirit

Another selection from the Guinness variety pack, this pours a deep red brown with strong head that quickly subsides. A touch of peaty aroma and taste of a red beer. The subtle smoke lingers throughout. This may be dark, it’s actually quite low in bitterness. Not much of a hop note. There isn’t actually a whole lot going on with flavors. It’s probably a good introduction, a gateway dark red beer if you will, but on the flip side it’s not a complex beer. It’s also a low ABV at 4.something.

I’m not sure how many monkeys to give this, I don’t think it quite rates a 3, but it’s better than a 2 monkey.

Beer Is Good – Hopworks Urban Brewery Hef Hop

A new beer that has shown up in Foodland over the past few weeks, they had a product promo girl tonight giving tasting samples. No, she was not hot, but she knew her product well. This is this Oregon breweries version of a Heffe. Pours a very cloudy medium dark yellow with light head. As promised, this is stronger on the hops than your usual heff, however the aroma is not too strongly floral. It’s more citrusy with a bit of bitter bite, even though the IBU isn’t extreme. The wheat and grain flavors are pretty subtle and hard to detect. Touted as a “session” beer, it’s ABV is low, at below 4%. Medium mouth feel.

Not sure how much I like the hop forward heffe, but it’s not objectionable. I’ll give it just making 3 out of 4 hop confused monkeys.

“Beer” Is Good? Occulto

I fell for the clever marketing. It had a cool label and I never saw it before. Upon closer look I saw the “blue agave infused” blurb. Pulling the pack off the shelf I saw that it was in clear bottles. Almost put it back but decided, the heck, might as well try it. Pours a clear light yellow with small head that dies down quickly. Aroma? There’s so little detectable hops that being in a clear bottle is maybe not a problem. That also keeps it low on bitter. There’s another blurb on the label, “blended with beer aged on tequila staves”. “With beer”. That’s right, this isn’t beer. If you try really hard you might detect some beery grain notes lingering in the middle. As for the barrel staves part? I can’t tell. There might be some tequila like notes there, or its just the marketing placeboing you into thinking so. Light mouthfeel. At 6% ABV its middle of the road for beer, enough to feel it on an empty stomach. Yes folks, this is not beer, it’s a malt liquor quite like Zima, remember that? You might call this a beer cooler, what wine coolers are to wine, this is to beer.

As a beer this gets one monkey, as a alcoholic drink maybe a generous 2 monkeys. It’s not abjectly horrible, I can actually finish it. There have been a few beers in my lifetime where it was so bad I could not finish them and threw it away. But on the other hand, why waste good money and time on this when there’s many other better alternatives. And yes, the pricing was in line with other microbrews. I’d much rather have a case of Speights for a couple bucks more than a six pack of this as a knock back while manning the grill bevy kind of thing.


Buri Daikon

Kinda amusing that an anime would influence my meal choice for tonight. Ala Kofuku Graffiti I made buri daikon tonight.