Monthly Archive for August, 2012

The Right Two Bear Arms

Punny… but pretty funny.  Go see Dave at Mojo Tactical.


In working on the rally FX, discovered the rear engine mount in this condition. Found an old one, but it was likewise cracked, marginally better. I flipped it around and put it in for now. Called around the last two days, with Napa & Carquest saying they found it, but when I actually went down they were nothing like my mounts. Decided to go the DIY way and reconstruct it using the gooey 3M Window Weld stuff. It’s a common “cheap” trick for filling in OEM mounts to stiffen them up. This stuff is a single part moisture cured polyurethane. I actually used this stuff on the front mount, but that mount was still good. This one I drilled & sawed out all the rubber and am in the process of filling in entirely with the black goop. It’s not super cheap in Hawaii, a tube of this stuff at Napa is around $20. And once you open it, its done. You need to use it immediately, anything left over will quickly harden and never come out of tube. I just finished filling in the mount and theres about 2/3 of the tube left. Oh well! Now to wait for it to cure, with this kind of thickness it’ll be a couple days.

No, Really?!

Am I going to have to start a new category, KC rescues? It is now not an exageration that it is time for HFD1’s weekly visit to Koko Crater!