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Cliff Peanut butter banana bar

When i was a kid, would love having peanut butter and banana toast. Picked up this new flavor to try out. Pretty good, but it doesnt evoke any of those memories. Like Cliff’s nut butter bars, the flavor is much mutted, i didnt get any banana flavor until almost my last bite. I suppose thats better than being loaded with artificial banana flavor.

3 out 4 banana coveting monkeys.



Beer Is Good – Sam Adams Summer Ale

Seasonal from Samuel Adams. Pours cloudy bright yellow, light head. Musky hop aroma, citrus notes, wheat finish. Low bitter, crisp, light mouthfeel.

The hops are hovering on the edge of skunk, if it avoids that then its an easy drinking crisp beer. Keep it out of the sun and it just makes 3 out 4 summer monkeys.




Beer is Good – Lagunitas Doppel Weizen

The first beer I’m trying from Lagunitas, I bought it because it’s not a IPA. “Bavarian style ale” pours a cloudy medium yellow, medium head. Strong floral hop aroma. Fruit and citrusy notes, sweetness, mild bitter note on the finish. Fairly thick mouthfeel.

Wasn’t sure what to expect, I did not expect the hop forwardness of something labeled a weizen. It’s actually not terrible, but beer to me is a grain drink.

2.5 out of 4 doppel monkeys.

Beer is Good – Sierra Nevada 2017 Summerfest

Sierra Nevada seasonal, pours bright yellow, medium light head. Fairly strong hop aroma, but not overly flowery. Touch of sweet with the hop bitter. Nice malt grain finish. Strong carbonation keeps mouthfeel crisp. Nice pilsner style.

3 out 4 summer monkeys.



Beer Is Good – Samuel Smith Taddy Porter

After the Alaskan let down, time for some redemption. An oldie but goodie, Samuel SMith’s Taddy Porter, pours extremely dark brown with strong head. Dark malt aroma, tones of dark fruit. dark roast bitter. Strong carbonation keeps the mouthfeel medium, cleaner than you would expect from something so dark.

Solid 3 out 4 taddy monkeys.


Beer is Good – Midnight Sun Arctic Rhino Coffee Porter

Next in the lineup, a coffee porter from Alaska. Pours opaque dark brown, light head. Immediate coffee aroma.  Strong bitter of coffee, not a whole lot else.

Medium thick mouthfeel. Coffee is all fine and good, but this is too much coffee, not enough porter.

Not terrible, but I don’t especially like it either.

2 out 4 coffee infused monkeys.


Beer Is Good – Full Sail Imperial Stout

Dang he wasn’t messing around, yet another imperial stout gift! This one from Oregon’s Full Sail. Pours opaque dark dark, practically black, brown, very light head. The dark kinda peaty smoke aroma immediately detected from opening the bottle. Bourbon and cask detectable from the start. Dark malt, but surprisingly not that heavy on the roast flavor, bitter pretty modulated. The astringent stays on the tongue for a little while, but it doesn’t have the bite of a heavy hop. The 9.5% ABV is not as masked in this as the other imperials I just had, it doesn’t have as much sweet covering things. Mouth feel is medium, not as heavy as might expect, but the carbonation is light. Like most good stouts, it takes well to warming, but doesn’t seem to really bloom much either. Oh myyyy, that ABV is kicking in now!

A solid 3 out of 4 casky monkeys.

Beer Is Good – Belching Beaver Horchata Imperial Stout

Next up on the dark train is this Imperial Stout from relatively young brewery Belching Beaver. I’m normally not a fan of what some call “gimmick” beers, and this really sounds like one, name of brewery, brew and the label really. Horchata is a sweet milky drink made with ground up nuts and/or grain of some type. May or may not have actual milk. So this is basically a hopped up milk stout. Pours opaque dark brown with red tint, medium light head. Dark chocolate aroma and touch of spice. Sweet dark stonefruit, like prune, touch in middle tapering to a mellow bitter and smoke. Medium thick mouthfeel. The 9% ABV is hidden pretty well, dangerously easy drinking. This is like an ultra premium dark chocolate liquor fruit truffle, in a glass. It actually went awesomely well with the Azteca mole enchilada I had the other night.

4 out 4 belching monkeys.

Beer Is Good – Clown Shoes Undead Imperial Stout

Part of rental tithe for my bike bag, I received this since I told them I’m a dark beer guy. Pours dark opaque with light head. Dark malt aroma, a bit of dark chocolateness, nicely balanced smokyness, evenly distributed bitter, medium thick mouthfeel. High ABV, 10%, but you don’t immediately detect it.

It may have a goofy name, but this is an excellent beer. 3 out 4 undead monkeys.


Beer Is Good – Sam Adams Noble Pils

Part of Sam Adams latest variety pack, of which I did not buy as it did not have much I was interested in. Pours clear medium dark yellow with medium head. Hop forward aroma, bitterness that lingers throughout. Hint of citrus note. Clean mouthfeel.

I can’t say this is one of my more likeable pilsners, no skunk funk and not overly floral, but still a bit more hoppy than I’d like.

2.5 out 4 noble monkeys.