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Riding Day 3

Delivered Akron to the airport. The rain was forecast to ease at noon so we spent the morning in Richmond and Vancouver visiting MEC (Canada version of REI) and Dunbar Cycles. We then headed back to Squamish and geared up. Headed up the creatively named Climb trail. It is however appropriate as it is a pretty good uphill slog. The goal was to hit Fred, Lower Powermouth, Plum Smuggler and Word of Mouth. With the rain it got chilly at times, humid and warm at others. The trails when we got to them were enjoyAble. Moderately high technical with root and rocks, but nothing too severe. Generally downhill but a fair bit of rolling up and downs.

We made it out intact and in tired but good spirits.

Day 2

First portion of day spent taking care of Akron. Wrist fracture, his ride is over. He’s making arrangements to head home. Afternoon the other three of us gear up to ride Lost Lakes and Ckuckey breaks his saddle playing on some rocks at the condo. Nekkid-man and Root headed out for short ride. Beautiful weather. Hit Earl’s for an always excellent meal and finish with gelato at a new shop.

Beer Is Good – Bomber Brewing Pilsner

Pours clear yellow, small head. Mild hop aroma, bitter, but controlled doesn’t linger long. Some grain in the finish. Pretty clean dry mouthfeel.

3 out 4 Vancouver monkeys.






Riding day 1

 Great weather today sunny start, clouds moved in afternoon. Cool, not cold. Hit the Lost Lake trails. Unfortunately Akron rolled out front tire on a rock and went dirt surfing. Cut knee, scuffed forearm & chin, cracked helmet and worse injury is banged wrist. After patching homie up, the rest of us went out for more of Lost Lake. 

Post ride meal was sand which/burgers/soup past the bookstore. Cows ice cream to finish the evening.

Whistler summer 2016

The crew has arrived uneventfully, 4 of 6. This year looks to be a wet trip. The Washington to BC border crossing was incredibly fast, only three cars in front of us. Usual stops in Bellingham, Squamish to do some shopping. Hit up Peaked Pies in whistler for dinner.







Szechuan BO Chips

 Grabbing Subway on way to border they had the ethnic flavored chips. Decided to try these. I don’t know what they are supposed to taste like, but these were nasty. Couldn’t finish them. I don’t think even a starving Chinese monkey would eat them. Zero monkeys.







Beer Is Good – Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest 2016

P1060699Yes, October is six weeks away, close enough for me. This years Oktoberfest from Sierra Nevada was brewed in collaboration with German brewer Mahrs Brau. Pours a brilliant clear gold with light head. Beer is grains, malt and grain aroma. Balanced bitter that does not linger. Crisp easy drinking. Sneaky, at 6% ABV it’s got a bit more but not enough to initially notice. Perhaps because of it being post ride, but I’m feeling quite jolly.

Don’t know if its the alcohol talking, but I’m about ready to give this 4 out 4 Oktober monkeys! I might be overly enthusiastic having a good honest beer. No overloading of flowery hops, no guava/pineapple/grapefruit/cucumber. But I’m really enjoying this!

Most Advantageous

Ran to 7-11 to grab some snacky bits to go with lunch sandwich, Lay’s is doing a bunch of ethnic flavor chips. Tikka masala flavored potato chips. Tastes quite tikka masalaey! Only downside was burping up the flavor after finishing lunch.

3 out 4 Physics TA monkeys

Beer Is Good – Full Sail Blood Orange Wheat Ale

P1060589It seems they are casting about for the next “hip” beer, and if it’s wheats I won’t complain much. A seasonal from Full Sail, pours cloudy bright yellow, small head. Definite citrus aroma, orange flavor, followed by balanced bitter and finish with the wheat/grain.  Medium mouthfeel lightened by crisp carbonation.

Nice easy drinker. The orange is strong, but it still keeps its wheat ale character. 3 out 4 blood orangy monkeys.

Happy Cow Day – Doyo no ushi no hi

P1060579Sorry, a week late. July 30 this year was unagi day. Wait, I thought you said cow day? Well, doyo, despite the day being a Saturday, actually is the 18 day period before the changing of the season. The days are assigned signs of the Zodiac, thus the ushi/ox/cow day. The ushi no hi is supposed to be the hottest day of the year. It may not actually be, but it’s close enough. Oh, the zodiac only has 12 signs, so yes, there actually can be two ushi no hi’s.

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