Monthly Archive for March, 2010

Lawn Poop

What kind of d!ck brings his/her dog all the way up to Tripler Hospital and leaves dog poop on the lawn next to the sidewalk outside the family practice/pediatrics wing where the likelyhood is high that a child will step on the bacteria-laden krapp pile?


Vested Interest

Auntie Linda’s personal vendetta against the Honolulu rail system has gone too far with the wasting of State funds on hiring an investigator to look into the project in a time when the State coffers are already strapped for funds and legitimate employees are being laid-off or furloughed.


Well… Spring

On the left side of the KOHA Foods Hite Beer delivery truck:

“Hite Beer From Pure Spring Water 500ft. Below”

500-feet below?  Below what?  That’s called a well guys, as a Spring would typically be on the surface.  Methinks either something was lost in the translation, or it’s a case of using original KDM Engrish advertising copy verbatim.


BMX Fever

This past wednesday I scooted out of work as soon as I could, but the drive to Sand Island took almost 40 minutes. I decided not enough time to make pulling the bike out and getting all my gear on worth it. Instead I spectated and snapped off a few shots. There were frequent passing showers, some heavy enough to get the track muddy, but soon after would be perfect. I can’t exactly say I’m reliving youth since I never was in the BMX scene “back in the day”, but I’ve signed up since I had fun last week busting a lung playing on the track. Just a few other pics here.

Film Crew World

George Clooney’s Descendants is filming at Queen’s lobby this morning. Hawaii Five-O (Pilot, 2010) is still down at the State courthouse and Downtown Post Office area. A few paparazzi out in front of QMC with big white lenses on their DSLR’s.  There are a bunch of signs out with “no parking times” by the State Library and the homeless park in Kaka’ako, so expect filming at those locations too.



What a long day. My weekend scavenging plans were thrown for a loop when I drove out to ABC used auto parts out Pearl City way on Saturday, to see a dumpster truck and HFD ladder truck in the road. Looks like the dumpster had snagged the lowest cables on the overhead powerlines and pulled it down. I think those are typically telephone and cable TV, no tazer sparks flying, but they weren’t taking chances. I wasn’t going to be hitting that SR5 AE86 I had spotted earlier in the week when I spun by on a lark. So now what ended up happening is I woke up early on Sunday, headed out to Aloha Stadium, and signed in for the SCCA Solo II autocross. Once that was taken care of, I then headed of to ABC. Continue reading ‘Scavenging’

Poketto no Otoshimono

Kuso!  POS!  F!  I dropped my Niseko lift pass somewhere between the hotel room and the ticket window, so I couldn’t get my 1,000-yen deposit back!


Soup Curry Yokocho

Well, the Sapporo Soup Curry Yokocho has all but dwindled down to two shops. The one I used to go to is gone and another new garishly appointed shop stands in its place. Boo. Luckily, I found another place that is actually better than the old place even closer to Oodori. There is another new shop out toward Maruyama to try next time. The one closest to where I am is pretty terrible.


March Powder Fest

Just got back into Sapporo from three days of boarding in Niseko following three days of bus-tripping out to Sapporo Kokusai.  Pretty much every day was going off at Kokusai, with between 4 and 8cm of new stuff to ride every day.  On the first day there was a pretty hard melt crust under the fresh, but this made it easier to hike back in-bounds (don’t ask).  Each aditional day’s snow added to the soft layer.  On Friday when I headed out to Niseko, the snow was crazy dumping in Sapporo, probably around 6 to 8cm of new snow in town.  The sound of the front-end loader scraping the street in the dark of the morning gave it away.  The further out from town the bus went, the less and less significant the signs of recent snowfall became.  After seeing a reasonably good layer of wind-redistributed snow at Nakayama-touge, I figured it had snowed out that way, but the wind had just moved it around.  Arriving at Niseko, I discovered that it had in fact snowed there too, but the bluebird weather made the new snow adhesively sticky down at the lower elevations.  Root will remember the glue-like grip of the snow down at the Hanazono base. Continue reading ‘March Powder Fest’

Dirt Dirt

IMG_1470Last week Saturday was something of a historic event for the local auto racing scene. After years of abscence of a track and much infighting and what not, they finally managed to open a parcel of land in Kalaeloa for a racewat park. Currently it’s still dirt surface, which was just fine for this event, the first ever Hawaii SCCA Rally Cross! It was being kept low key, intentionally, since this was a first for everyone, and the field turnout was thirty soon to be dusty, grinning, laughing, and giggling racers. I have to say I had an outrageous good time. Sliding around your car in the dirt amd not get in trouble? Yeehaw! Don’t tell me you never skidded your tricycle, BigWheel, BMX, banana seat bike when you were a kid? Same thing, except with big people sized toys now. Yes, dirt everywhere, I’m still cleaning it out. Anyway, I’m happy to report that it went of without a hitch. No major problems, a few hicups to iron out, but that was expected. And everyone is looking forward to the next one! More pics here.