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Ho Hum HFD

Time for HFD1’s weekly visit to Koko Crater…. I’ve seen image elsewhere on net of new sign on the trail. As someone said on that site, they should just put in a helipad on Koko Crater already, not that it would help with the people in the middle of the trail.


Darned RIMPAC RF interference is making my car remote even more buggy than usual!


August Moon 2012

If you arrived here from the Honolulu Academy of Arts August Moon event page, take a look here, or browse on the “art” category.  Thanks!

If I could see this…

It wouldn’t be a problem. On the inside of printer cover.



Subaru BRZ was at todays SCCA autocross. I’m sticking pics in here because I can’t seem to link images in the gallery website now.

Not How It Works

Saw a Saturn Ion making a turn off Punchbowl by Restaurant Row.  There was a pedestrian in the crosswalk, but the Saturn driver invoked the “yield to pedestrians in your lane of traffic” rule by driving in the oncoming lane instead!  Sorry, ma’am – that’s not how the law works.


Intentional Disregard for the Law

Had a guy in a Ford Harley Davidson edition pickup truck in back of me in Kaka’ako today.  At every four-way stop, he ghosted me through the intersection after I stopped, yielded to other traffic, and proceeded, without stopping himself.  Even with the traffic with the right of way on the cross streets honking their horns at him, he continued to do this.  He knew the law, but intentionally disregarded it.


Scarpa Kailash GTX 2012

It took a while for me to figure out what I was going to do about replacing my Danner 453 GTX’s, since the fit on those was great, and they had a good balance of low mass, good traction, and good support. They served me well in environments from desert to snow, being neither too hot nor too cold. I wanted the replacements to likewise have a mixed suede (or Nubuck) and Cordura upper to provide better ventilation than an all-leather one. The breathability outside of the Gore-Tex membrane is critical in allowing moisture to escape and for the waterproof-breathable system to work efficiently (I’ve got a pair of steel-toe Danner 453’s which are all-leather, and they are significantly hotter than the Cordura/Nubuck version). Reducing this moisture buildup is critical in keeping feet dry and cool in warmer conditions and dry and warm in cold conditions. I wanted a more aggressive outsole tread than the Danners had. Okay, granted the Danners were really worn out, but the sole blocks were very low profile to begin with. I also wanted something that wasn’t made in The PRC. Continue reading ‘Scarpa Kailash GTX 2012’

Price of Admission?

I think they might have to start charging admission fee for Koko Crater Hike. HFD1 called out yet again today!

Short Shafted

I’m gradually moving over the good parts into the rally FX as that is the dedicated race vehicle. I’d swapped the steering wheel last week. This afternoon I decided to swap the short ratio shifter over. This shifter has been with me since the very first FX16, it’s of unknown origin, but I think it’s a TRD made for JDM AE92 Corolla. The key points are that the ball joints match, the rest was made to work. The way this kit works you can see here. The stock shaft is on the left, the short ratio on the right. The main pivot is moved up so the ratio for the fore-aft movement is quickened. The short side stub is for the left-right motion and remains the same length and ratio. To allow for the extra length of shaft below the pivot, an aluminum spacer is used below the mount for the ball joint. This had to be modified with some filing as some of the mounting bolts did not line up.

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