Monthly Archive for October, 2014

Traffic Torture

I don’t know what was up with this week but it has been horrible traffic and idiot drivers everywhere. Tuesday I left my house 40 minutes early in order to get in early to do an install. I instead got to work at my usual time so was late to my install. That meant it took me over 1 hour and 15 minutes to get to work.

Wednesday I left a little early since I had another install. It was a little better, about 40 minutes.

This morning I had to go back early for the install. Took over an hour to get from my house to Windward Mall. And then a short while ago getting back to the office from Kam Shopping center took almost an hour.

That’s it, close the borders! No more people please, we’re all full.

The Rain In Spain Falls Mainly on the Plain…

The rain in Tantalus falls only on Chris and Root. I think Chris is of the opinion the whenever only he and I ride together, it will rain.  I think he may be more right than wrong, but if it’s not 100% then its not a fact. I hadn’t ridden for a week and the weather has been pretty clear, and today was even more so. As work was finishing, I stepped outside to take a look. Beautiful blue skies over town, toward Manoa it was gray and looked like some sprinkles. I called Chris and we decided to get out and go.

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Beer Is Good – Sierra Nevada Vienna

Continuing from that variety pack from a while ago! This is a “Vienna-style Lager”. Pours a clear amber with medium head. Mild floral aroma, a tiny bit of malt in the middle and then the hops bitter comes in, and finishes with hint of grain when the bitter fades. Light mouthfeel, a pretty dry beer. It’s hopyness is approaching a pils, but it’s kept in check.

In all a decent beer. Not a favorite, but its pretty good. Just makes 3 out of 4 Viennese monkeys.

Beer Is Good – Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest

This is in the variety pack I picked up a while ago, just got around to drinking & reviewing! Pours a clear medium dark amber with moderate head. A nice blend of roasty malt, balanced floral hop, hint of grain. Medium mouth feel. A drinkable beer with some substance.

A good solid 3 out of 4 oktober mokeys.

Beer Is Good – Sierra Nevada 2014 Narwhal Imperial Stout

Glad to see something that is not yet another IPA. Seems IPAs are the latest in beer. This is not one. Pours opaque black with minimal head. The smoky aroma swirls through your nose carried on the wings of 10% ABV. That also gives it a lingering warmth and carries the dark roast notes throughout. The bitterness stays pretty even thoughout, dark chocolate and straight coffee lovers should enjoy this as the roast is what seems to be giving it most of this, not a strong hops bitter. It actually doesn’t have as heavy a mouthfeel as you might expect. If you try hard you can detect some of that Sierra Nevada hop peeking through, but in all this is a pretty darn good beer. Or maybe that’s the 10% alchy talking, my typing seems to be affected already! This is a sipping beer and as such maintains it’s goodness as it warms.

3.5 out of 4  stout monkeys.

Identity Crisis

There are some confused kids out there. Spotted in front of me at Don Quixote checkout, a Late teen early twenties guy with slim fit corduroy pants, that were baggy. Yes, he somehow managed to do that.


U Boob

OK, someone’s got too high an opinion of themselves. On my drive home from work yesterday KORL wasn’t playing anything good so I switched to BT to play music from my iPhone. The second song to come up was a U2 son. Huh? I didn’t think it was doing Pandora and I didn’t have anything U2ish in my lists, I’m not a fan. Turns out U2 was doing a free thing with their latest album on iTunes. Problem was it was done as a push thing so it showed up in your device whether you wanted it or not. WTF, U bonerz did this the wrong way, you’ve rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.


Beer Is Good – Mythos

I grabbed dinner at Olive Tree and ducked into the little market next door while waiting for my order. Lots of neat little Mediterranean stuff. Grabbed  this “premium quality Hellenic beer” to try with dinner. Pours a slightly cloudy light yellow, small head. Not a strong aroma, “karakuchi” dry taste with a fairly strong initial bitter which quickly goes away. A clean beer. Just a hint of skunkyness snuck into the aroma near the end. Perhaps the light reaction happened that fast?! Time to switch from CFL to LEDs! BTW, “skunked” beer is a result of light on the shorter wavelength end reacting with and breaking down hops compounds into the same stuff that makes skunks stink. People are quite sensitive and it only takes a tiny amount.

Anyway, this beer was nice and clean but kinda non-descript. The skunk that crept in kinda bummed me out and made me give it a 2 out 4 Hellenic monkeys.

Hawaii Ballet?

HI5-0 filming on Young by the back of HPD. From the big blue fake signage, ballet will be part of an upcoming episode.


Flingy Grease

Un-lucked out being behind a first-gen Highlander whose CV joint boot exploded. Got smeary residue on the windscreen that won’t easily rinse off.