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Filling the Void

It’s coming up to a month now, and it’s a little strange, I don’t feel my mom’s absence too much right now. I guess it’s been pretty busy cleaning up around the house, working out food and cooking, fixing plumbing. Haven’t had any serious sadness bouts. In some slow moments and sometimes before going to sleep the events of that afternoon play through my mind and I keep thinking about if there was something different I could have done, but I push them out of thought because it does no good to dwell on it. I wonder how much Nora Neko understands. I caught her here hanging out on a pile of mom’s stuff during the week after when my sister was here helping out. Nora Neko used to hang out every morning in my mom’s lap, but now her routine is upset. She dissappeared for a couple days once. But she’s back now. I guess I’m going through the same kind of thing. I’m not sure if I really fully understand what happened, but I’m readjusting to it. Continue reading ‘Filling the Void’

Darned T-Mobile in Hawaii!  My phone gets over 5-days of standby time in Whistler on the Rodgers Wireless network, but because it is fighting to keep connected to the weak signals here, the battery lasts only around 3-days.  Junk!


Fox Attack MTB Short

This is another Chainlove find. These shorts sell for $120 USD MSRP, a price that makes you think twice about getting a pair, but on closeout at less than $60 USD, they are within the reach of all but the poorest dirtbag. General appearance is very good, with durable nylon and mesh construction. The inseam length is nice and long. The center seam is welded – not stitched – both to provide a snag-free seat interface and to reduce discomfort by eliminating the thickness of a stitched seam. Mesh vents start on either side of the backside, and wrap around and down the front of the legs and back around the hemline. These provide more than adequate ventilation. There are two front slash pockets and two zippered pockets on the outer thighs, the one on the right being rather small because it is cut to accommodate the Fox head logo in the vent mesh. There are Velcro adjusters on either side toward the back that add tension to the waist elastic. Belt loops are also provided. The front closure is laced “board short” style with a half-length gusseted Velcro fly. The inner liner is made from a breathable stretch mesh with an integrated chamois. There are two loops at the side seams of the liner short that interface with two thin bias tape ribbons on the outer short that close with tiny plastic snaps. Continue reading ‘Fox Attack MTB Short’

Fox Flux MTB Helmet Update

Original article is here

On this past Saturday’s ride, the chinstrap buckle stopped working. It would “click”, but any pressure would result in the buckle popping open and the strap coming loose. I discovered this at the beginning of the ride to my dismay, but rode anyway despite the danger. I emailed Fox on Monday, but they replied with a stock, “please call our 1-800 number so we can sell you the replacement part” message. When I asked if this was a warranty issue, they replied with a cut-and-paste of their warranty policy, indicating that I should take it back to the dealer. Seems like they’re all “corporate” and don’t handle customer service issues in the same proactive manner as some companies still rooted in their sport do nowadays (Burton and HopeTech USA are good examples of companies with excellent customer service). Continue reading ‘Fox Flux MTB Helmet Update’

GU Roctane Energy Gel

In my book, GU makes the best energy gels, both in nutritional content technology and flavor. Now they have upped the ante by introducing Roctane, basically a double load of calories and performance enhancing components in around the same volume. With double the content, comes double the price: A regular GU retails for about $1.25 USD, whereas a Roctane retails for around $2.50 USD. I bought a few back in December before heading to Japan for snowboarding and gave them a try. Indeed, the effects are more noticeable than with a regular GU. The added aminos and citrates that Roctane includes helped delay the burn and maintain performance levels. This was especially critical, since I didn’t bring with me my normal complement of sports drinks that usually provide these. There are two flavors, a vanilla/orange and a blueberry/pomegranite. Of the two, I only like the blueberry. The orange has a bitter orange peel flavor. This is in line with my dislike of GU’s other orange-flavored products – the regular GU gel and the GU2O electrolyte beverage powder. Continue reading ‘GU Roctane Energy Gel’

Best Loco Moco Known to Mankind

Okay, maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration, but it is my favorite Loco Moco-type thing available here on O’ahu. Here are the long-awaited pics of the Sugoi Hash Loco Moco that I mentioned a while back. The absolute best Loco Moco I ever had was at the cafeteria at the Sahoro Resort in Hokkaido (not at the Club Med, but at the second floor of the ski center). If you notice in the right picture, the fork is 25mm (1″) across the tips, meaning the hash patty is well over 30mm (1-1/4″) thick! Sugoi!

Just as awesome the second time around!

Although they’ve been out for a while, I haven’t seen many of the Saturn (Opel) Astras around until this month. True to form, it seems that even though this is a rebadged Euro car instead of a quirky, ugly American car of questionable mechanical integrity, the end-user demographic remains the same – the, “we’re earthy but we won’t buy a Suby because they’re Japanese/we drive with disregard to all other drivers almost as badly as VW GTI drivers,” -type people.


Driving home on the H-1 on Tuesday night. Why the eff is everyone going 40-mph on the freeway?


Die Rektumblähungmeister

This is the Fartmaster.  He was in the seat a row in front of Fabio and me on the plane ride back from Vancouver.  Throughout the flight, he issued forth the heavy feculent blasts of an impending dump, but waited until near landing before he actually got up and heeded the warning of the turtle head and went to the washroom.  Even after deplaning, his inconsiderate actions continued.  At the baggage claim carousel, he did a panic-grab for his bag, reaching over a family that was waiting patiently for their lugggage.  As he tugged his bag from the upper part of the carousel belt, it swung down like a pendulum of death, hitting the family’s toddler boy in the arm and almost knocking him down.  In the verbal exchange that followed, he refused to apologise, and intimated that it was the family’s fault because they were blocking his access to the carousel. Continue reading ‘Die Rektumblähungmeister’

A Bit of Bling, UK-Style

Whenever a package arrives from Chain Reaction Cycles, it’s like the holiday season in the office!  While Ckucke and I were away, a parcel arrived, bringing wonderful things from the UK.  I got a long-sleeve Hope Technologies DH Jersey (more later), and my long-awaited pair of gold Hope brake lever reservoir caps!  They came packaged with black TORX-head replacement screws, but I retained the original stainless metric hex-head ones.  Installation was quick and simple.  I didn’t really need these, although one of my caps had a cosmetic ding from an OTB incident in Whistler, but now all my Hope stuff has gold bits wherever possible, with the exception of the two-piece rotors (those are next!). Continue reading ‘A Bit of Bling, UK-Style’