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I Like the Crakka

A few posts ago I showed you the “Dead Cat” I made for my GoPro for a couple bucks. This weekend I did a Soda A, Soda B comparison test. You can watch it here:

My conclusions after the break. Continue reading ‘I Like the Crakka’

NMA? Enema!

Yup.  An enema will make you go go!

Pucker Factor 3 – Koko Crater Rim

Chris having some free time this weekend, we decided to check out the Koko Crater rim trail. The man who put the bug into my brain couldn’t make it so it was just the two of us parking at the botanical garden. This isn’t an official sanctioned trail so you wont find any marker. Suffice it to say that as soon as we turned left through the plumeria we were heading the wrong way. A pit stop at a stinky porta potty and it was looking pretty obvious this wasn’t going the way we wanted. We turned around and took the path less travelled. Continue reading ‘Pucker Factor 3 – Koko Crater Rim’

Beer Is Good – Samuel Adams Alpine Spring

Latest SA seasonal, pours a somewhat cloudy yellow with fairly strong head that quickly subsides. Faint floral with a citrusy brightness. A little bitterness comes through, but not strong and does not linger long. I can detect a touch of skunkiness that I did not taste in the first bottle I had a couple days ago. Carbonation is not too strong, mouth feel actually a touch heavier than I would have expected from a beer of this color, but not heavy by any means. A very easy drinking beer. Oddly this second bottle doesn’t fill me with as much joy as the first one I had. I was almost ready to give the first bottle a 4, I really can’t now. Hm, actually seems better as I get near the bottom of the glass and it has warmed up a touch. It will have to settle for a solid 3 of 4 Alpine monkeys.

Yet More 2013 Post-New-Year Season Anime

There are a couple of new shows running on Funimation’s site too.  Like some of the other properties they stream there, they may or may not produce retail DVD or BD products of these shows.  Read on! Continue reading ‘Yet More 2013 Post-New-Year Season Anime’

Lipstick on a Pig (2)

Saw a 4th gen Mitsubishi Eclipse with a carbon fiber hood.  Really?  No matter how much money you throw at one of those, it will still be a slow, terrible car.  I can’t believe someone actually manufactures a carbon hood for it!  That’s even weirder than a body kit for a Hyundai Tiburon.



Yah! Power outage! Good thing I finished my bike ride, although it’d be kinda neat to ride around without any city lights. Wonder what the heck the cause is, no rain, no wind, very nice night actually. I wonder if I walk down to Bubbies they’ll give free ice cream! Looks like the UPS I just bought recently works too!

OK, it came back on as I was standing outside looking at the night sky. I see someone hiking down the Koko Crater stairs, wow that’s pretty late! I was just about to go raid the fridge and grab a bear and sit out in the driveway sky gazing. Oh well, guess I’ll grab a beer and watch anime on the computer instead!

No KORL for You!

97.1 FM is dead air again.


GoPro Dead Cat

Huh, what? Apparently “dead cat” is an industry term, much like Monkey Sh*t. It’s those furry microphone wind muff screens. I was browsing Amazon and came across one for the GoPro on sale. However $10 seemed a bit much so I decided to make one myself. The hardest part was sourcing the synthetic fur. The lady at Calico Cat in Kaimuki said she had some, but when  I went to look it was really short pile stuff. BTW, if you’re into knitting and fabric stuff, you should stop in there, she’s a really nice lady.  What to do? Continue reading ‘GoPro Dead Cat’

Bing Bastards

WTF MicroShaft?! A little while ago, Bing somehow became my default homepage. Used to have it set as Google. And when I went to try and change it using the easiest common way to change your homepage with the homepage icon I’d get a popup saying an attempt to change your homepage was blocked. Had to go to Tools-Internet Options.