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Antelope island

Friday took another day off and visited Antelope island. If your in Salt Lake City with nothing to do for a day and like outdoors & wildlife it’s worth checking out. It’s an island in the Great Salt Lake about an hours drive. Filled with geography and animals we don’t see in Hawaii. Arid, rocky, funky salt water. The shores awash with the dried up bodies of brine fly larvae. In our drive and the couple short hikes we did we managed to see the buffalo, which are hard to miss, mid sized bird of prey, some kind of field rodent, coyotes, antelope, deer, bunny, chukkers, seagulls. Continue reading ‘Antelope island’

Pow pounding

Wednesday decided to take a break, or rather bodies decided for us. Visited Cabellas, REI, Salty Peaks, Hobby Lobby.
Yesterday we headed out to Powder Moutain again to pound the few more inches of snow they got. Not epic powder conditions, but way fun and nice stuff. There was still unridden lines to be found throughout the day. Snow showers through the day broke into sunny periods in the afternoon. maybe not so great for snow conditions, but made for pleasant & photogenic riding!
Looks like today maybe another rest day, our bodies cant keep up quite so well anymore, and there was no significant additional snow to make worth it.

Pow pow pow redemption

Yesterday was a excellent day at Powder Mountain. Snowing, can’t see anything, but full of fluffy snow!
I think our karma from stopping in the morning to help extricate the civic that had run off the road payed off. The girl driver was unhurt & the car looked to be fine, but we did our good citizen deed.


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Insults to injury

Forgot to add the when we finally made it to Salt Lake & picked up our luggage at SLC airport, the top pocket zipper on my Dakine bag was blown open. Gone was my little first aid kit, packet of quick clog, and my tent & goretex patching kit. My board bag also blew out a section of the main zipper but luckily did not fully open, nothing lost from that.
Despite all this, we did make it to Solitude resort & had a good half day of riding. Not the best of conditions, but it was fun. We shall see today!

Surviving the tests

12:45 we are finally at Solitude having trading the Caravan for a Ford Flex AWD. In the parking lot eating 7-11 sandwich.


It just gets better

So here it is1:30am after the 11hr drive, instead of a AWD SUV we have a Dodge Caravan, had a awesome dinner of San Fransisco sourdough with canned Chey Boyardie ravioli and a supermarket brand tomato basil bisque soup, and finally Dave goes to get a much wanted shower when the spigot head falls off. WTF!


Road trip complete

After 11 hr drive we’ve finally made it. Only rental left at Slc is a dodge caravan. It’s starting to snow seriously. Dinner of champs.20120219-005155.jpg

Road trip!

United canceled our flight and there are no available flights via anywhere today so we be driving it!  10 hours baybee!


Hanging out at SFO with a couple more hours till our connector to SLC. Hopefully the forecast snow pans out. Stay tuned


Wake up!

Freakin jarhead in your pickup truck, wake up instead of honking & gesturing as I signal and slow down for my by the books left turn!