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Dang it, weather had been good through the week, with nice cool temps. The Friday it clouded in with occasional passing showers. It wasn’t enough for us to call off a ride, so Dave and I headed out to Sunset Hills. In Kaneohe it was overcast but not actively raining, not a surprise there. It wasn’t exactly positive, but we loaded up and headed out anyway. The drive out was likewise not entirely positive, but not bad enough to give up. It was relatively clear in spots, although when we got closer to central Oahu we could see the Waianae range socked in with dark clouds. As we got through Wahiawa and heading down toward Haleiwa we could see more dark clouds and rain in the distance exactly where we wanted to go. Curses! The nearer we got, the worse the rain got. We are not riding today. We came all this way so we drove to the parking area anyway, and this is what it looked like. There actually was a fair number of vehicles already here, so there were people in the trails. But Dave and I had no desire to slog about in the high clay content mud here and ignore the signs posted admonishing against using the trails when muddy.

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Oh, sirens going up the street. Wonder…. Yup, that sounds like HFD Air 1. They have gotten so good at this that by the time I dug out the camera, found a CF card and went outside, they already had the victim in the basket and heading to the park!

Beer Is Good – Deschutes Jubelale

Winter seasonal from Deschutes. Pours a dark amber with moderately strong head. Fairly pronounced floral hop aroma. Flavor is bright and also pretty strong with the hops bitter. Mouth feel has some body, but not super heavy. Given how much the hops seems to figure in this beer, its surprising that I find this beer to be not bad at all. I do seem to detect a touch of funky aroma now. I think with the hops in here, gotta watch out for the hazard of photo skunking!

I’m giving it 3 out 4 winter monkeys, just barely tho.

Diamonds are my best friend

Ok, if you need to drill holes in ceramic tile, don’t mess around and just get the diamond tipped drill bits. Don’t even bother with a masonary bit. The carbide tipped arrowhead bits work, eventually, but how much is your time worth?
I had to drill four 5/16″ holes for a work installation. Started with masonary bits because we had them. Hours and dulled bits later, one hole not even a quarter of the way through.
Next day returned with carbide tip bit. Almost an hour later one hole finally through. The bit was still pretty sharp, but this was taking too long. Not to mention there was nothing solid behind the hole to screw into so I was going to have to drill again!
Finally, after searching around I found the diamond tipped bit. The 5/16″ came in a “kit” for feeding water. Basically a dribble cup. Neat idea, but I think everyone tries it once then throws it away. Anyway, less than 10 minutes later, the hole is through.
Now I know….

Lolo’s Home Improvement

I’m searching for a diamond tip drill bit to drill some holes in tile for work (which is a pia) and found some online at Lowes. They list 2 in stock. I get on the phone and after only two levels of phone robot get through to a live body, not bad.
“I would like to confirm that you have a part in stock.”
“Ok, what is the part number.”
I read of the number.
“I show 2 in stock. But that is as of last night, they may have sold.”
Yes, that’s why I’m calling, I wanted to know before I drive down there, I explain.
I get the same response.
F! If I knew I could of gotten them someplace else in time, I would have. Lucky for them their computer was correct, although one was on one peg at one end of shelf and the second was on another peg at the opposite end, both with correct cards.

Beer Is Good – Newcastle Werewolf

Touted as a “blood red ale” pours clear medium dark amber with light head. The first one I had had a strong fruity aroma and tang. This second one not so much. Medium bitter comes in and persists for a little, hops flavor comes in late. Pretty light mouthfeel. Not a favorite. While not terrible, it doesn’t interest me much.

2 out 4 weremonkeys.

Beer Is Good – Sierra Nevada 2014 Tumbler

The last selection from the SN Fall variety pack. Pours a dark brown, medium head. Aroma of hops mixed with the dark roast. Fairly strong hops bitter also. Medium mouth feel. I’m not sure how much I’m liking this iteration. I know I’ve liked previous years, but this one seems too strong on the hops.

2 out 4 tumbling monkeys.


Sorry, Dook.

You can’t “humbly” ask for my vote this morning after crying foul and claiming your opponent had “attacked” you. There have been no negative ads from the other camp,, unless you consider getting your poor record handed to you on a plate during the debates an attack.




Mood Turners

Friday after work I was in quite the foul mood as I was waiting in intersection to make a left. The light was already yellow and really I should have been clearing the intersection as the light was about to turn read, but a mini-van taxi entered. I leaned on my horn and people who know me that is very rare for me. Made it to Don Quixote. But there is nothing like a hot localized J girl in a French maid outfit to perk you up. Granted it wasn’t an authentic full outfit, but I didn’t care. It made me happy and my day was now good!


People really need a second opinion to proof their vanity plates. Was behind a BMW X3 SUV just now with vanity plates “BCHMOM”. Given my mood this past week with drivers and traffic, what do you think I read it as?