Monthly Archive for October, 2008

Fully Functional

…well, at least as functional a Vista Home Premium machine can be. Processed a lot of outstanding digital photos over the rainy weekend, and the laptop seems to be in working order. Also of note, it will now boot with the battery not in place but the external power connected. Not sure if this is from the repair or the latest BIOS revision. Just glad it works again!

Where Has the Light in My Life Gone?

I was going to rant earlier about the guy yelling out his car window calling me an a-hole for not letting the car in front of him turn into building driveway when there was no car behind me for the rest of the road all the way back to traffic light. But that annoyance went away already.
Instead, I’ll say, WTF? As I was going to leave Los Chaps after having dinner, my drivers side headlight was out. That wasn’t the one I messed with to put the zip tie on. Aw heck, that’s what I get for reusing old scavenged bulbs from the time both bulbs went out simultaneously. Such is life.

Zip Zip

And so it starts, ever so popular with the “dorifuto” and wannabes, zip ties to hold together various car body trim bits. I just did my first one on the FX. The other night after I got in car to leave work, I turned on the headlights and something didn’t look right. Why was the office wall lit up. I take a look up front and my passenger headlight is cockeyed. WTF? I take a closer look and see that at one corner there is a plastic ball and socket joint where the light pivots about to aim, except its not a socket anymore. The plastic has cracked letting the ball free and the spring has pulled the light into a funky angle. For the time being I jammed a rag into the opposite corner to wedge the light closer to normal. Continue reading ‘Zip Zip’

Once again, Tenkaippin

After last week’s St. Louis downhill, Ckucke  and I met Root for post ride food.  We went down the hill to Tenkaippin.  This time around, I tried the Miso-aji ramen. The broth was lighter and thinner than the broth used with the Kotteri and Assari ramen. Instead of distinct, seperate toppings, there is a cooked mix of moyashi (mung bean sprouts), green onion, cooked ground pork, and diced charsiu. There wasn’t really a strong miso flavor in the broth. Of the three varieties I’ve tried, this was the only one I didn’t really like.  This was unexpected, since the other things I’ve had here have been great.  Maybe it’s just my personal taste and preferences (the crew knows how much I hate moyashi).

Not recommended unless you are a total miso ramen fan (try the other varieties instead)

One-and-a-half grinning monkeys out of four


…well, more like Blue Screen of Panic. No sooner had I gotten my machine back when a Windows update security patch bombed and messed up something in the boot sector. WTF?! After a lot of prodding, I got Windows working again and now all is right for the moment…

I was mostly concerned about the pain in the ass it would be reinstalling everything from scratch.

Direct Hit, Tailgunner Daimler

I get home fairly early today, so decide to go out on a road spin on the 10th Anniversary Fat. It’s a nice night, temp is actually a bit warm, I’ll discover later that the winds are strong. I’m on skinny tires and spinningaway on the road like a roadie, it feels good. There’s early evening traffic out, but I’m fairly comfortable with it. I plan to just do some loops in Hawaii Kai. I pull over at the Hahaione 7-11 to adjust my seat height and angle. I’d earlier swapped saddles so needed to shake things down a bit. That done, I saddled up and headed back onto the road. I turn onto Keahole-Hawaii Kai intersection, prob the one portion that is a bit dicey. There’s a lot of traffic from Safeway and Cosco, it’s on an outside curve so cars want to wander to the right into you, the road surface is terrible (any surprise there?), and no one heeds the 25 mph speed limit. Coming from Hawaii Kai Drive and crossing with the light, it’s not too bad as you can usually get a fair way down the road before the bulk of distracted drivers from the shopping center catch up. Continue reading ‘Direct Hit, Tailgunner Daimler’

Hale Vietnam

Past thursday culinary caper was Hale Vietnam at the top of Kaimuki. Been there a couple times in the past and the experience was good. Pretty good stuff at decent price was my memories. Continue reading ‘Hale Vietnam’


…well, it booted when I picked it up anyway. Two weeks, a new motherboard, and a new Core 2 Duo processor later, it’s back in my hands. I assume since the original motherboard wasn’t the issue in the first place, they put the old one back… We’ll see later tonight if everything still works OK. At least my drive didn’t have to be replaced or wiped!

I Phone?

OK, my old Moto Razr though the original battery was still going strong, I finally decided to retire it after subjecting all my friends with its horrible electrical noise issues. I’d been looking at the iPhone for a while and popped into the bastion of oshare computing, the Apple store. Long lost Roy “Krauser” was there so I bugged him about the phone, among other things. Ended up going for it and picking up the 8G model. Continue reading ‘I Phone?’

He Grew Here: You Flew Here

Where does Aunty Linda get the audacity to attempt to downplay Barry’s connection to Hawai’i?  He was born here and spent the formative years of his youth here for crying out loud!  She was just the opposite, arriving as an immigrant from the contiguous 48 after graduating from college.

Give me a break!

And what of the  fact that she’s off lame-ducking it on the mainland on some party-sponsored junket while her adopted home state faces critical economic issues?  Nero’s off playing the lyre as Rome burns…