Monthly Archive for October, 2011

Beer Is Good – SA Harvest Collection – Harvest Pumpkin Ale

The other beer unique to this collection is the Pumpkin Ale. Pours a medium dark orange with medium head that persists. I’m not sure about the blurb on label of subtle pumpkin and spice, you can smell it as soon as you lift the glass and bring it up for a quaff, pumpkin pie, right there between the eye! And this is with Mr. stuffy sinus! So yes, there is a good amount of spice aroma. Nice moderated bitter and a slightly astringent finish. A moderately heavy mouthfeel which is brightened by the carbonation that stays. I haven’t had the greatest experience with previous pumpkin beers, but I like this one. Perhaps Hoegarten has made me more receptive to spiced beers? Anyway, I figure since I’m being boring and doing nothing tonight, might as well do something fitting the occasion. 3 out of 4 spooky monkeys.

Beer Is Good – Sam Adams Harvest Collection – Bonfire Rauchbier

Pours medium amber with medium head. Carbonation is not very strong. A medium mouthfeel, accentuated by the weak carbonation. The roasting has made for an interesting beer. It doesn’t have an immediately identifyable roasted taste, it almost tastes of spice.  I’m rather enjoying this, it almost reminds me of a Scotch with its aromas. I’m enjoying it even though it has now gone almost completely flat. I like this variety pack, we like fall. Included in the pack that I’ve already had is the Sam Adams Boston Lager, Oktoberfest, Black Lager, and Irish Red.  I will review later the last flavor of this collection. The Rauchbier gets a solid 3 out of four hearty monkeys, and might even score a 4 if on my second bottle I still feel the same!


A few months back I inherited a few boxes of light bulbs from ckuke and dave, sorted through and was going to craigslist the lot but instead found that its the blue planet 100,000 bulb blitz month!

So I exchanged mine; for this!~


Thanks dave and ckuke!


Beer Is Good – Becks Oktoberfest

Beck’s entry into the Oktoberfest fray. A medium amber, pours with a strong head that does not persist too long. There’s a fair amount of bitter, hint of roasty, but barely. Mouthfeel is medium thick. Oddly I quite liked it when I first bought it, but my smell for some reason has cleared a little the past day and I’m not enjoying it as much tonight. Perhaps the hops is coming on stronger now, although I don’t really detect floweryness.  Funny because I’m down to my last one!  I’ll have to go middle of the road and give it a 2 out 4 oompa monkeys, although when I started I would have given it more. Weird.

Cheap? Buzz

Woo boo, cheap buzz at OGG. Actually not, that was a $9 Blue Moon! Bummers that no longer have Guinness!. Time to tank the rest of it & run to boarding gate.



Boarding flight to kahului, I don’t hear a single word of Japanese, all Korean!


Mmm… Cupcakes…

Squirreled one of these at the office.  What a nostalgic flavor… in a good way (unlike a Twinkie, although the white krapp inside is the same).

Four Years to Failure

Last Sunday’s Kamilo’iki hike opened up a failure point on my old Danner 453 boots.  On one of the stairstep descents, the rough lava rock grabbed the rubber outsole at the heel and tore it loose.  They’re almost exactly 4 years old, so that’s a pretty good service life I’ve gotten out of them.  The outsole at the heels are worn flat, and the EVA midsole is packed out, but until this event there was no impending sign that the outsole or midsole was going to delaminate or worse yet crumble to powder.  The outsole was still soft and grippy – it hadn’t hardened slick and begun to crack.  I defenitely got my money’s worth out of these, unlike my previous two pairs of Salomons that failed prematurely for one reason or another.  I guess I could try reglueing the loose flap, but it’s time to retire these with dignity.  Wonder what I’ll get to replace them?

Angry Chinese Torque

Whoa! Has Ckucke been by the shop recently? Note that it is twisted in the tightening direction! I tried replicating this by cranking another 6mm key in a vise, but it cammed out of the jaws before it could twist.

Wahiawa That’s Why

So I’m flowing from H1 Eastbound onto H2 Northbound and there is a green Taurus crawling up my back bumper.  After the merge, our lane becomes the second lane, with a fast lane starting from nothing on the left, and the two lanes from H1 Westbound coming in from the right.  Instead of simply getting into the empty fast lane (considering he wanted to go fast), he swerves all the way into the furthest right lane (the slowest lane), then weaves through traffic to eventually make it into the fast lane near the Ka Uka off-ramp.  Wahiawa that’s why?  What’s up with Hawaii drivers and the “pass on the right” habituation?