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Bumped into Eric and Jackie from Chinatown Boardroom sans Hannah and Enoki at Lion this morning.  Hope they enjoyed the movie!


Post 2013 August Moon

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Honolulu Museum of Art to support the Museum and the Hawaii art community!  I was engaged in creation (though at times fruitlessly), so I didn’t get to talk to many of you, but I enjoyed meeting those of you who I had the brief lucid moments to converse with.  Thanks to you who bought my pieces!  Hopefully we’ll meet again next year!

2013 Honolulu Museum of Art August Moon

Hey, it’s that time again.  If you arrived from the August Moon page, click here to go and see my gallery.  It is currently being redone, so there isn’t a whole lot there at the moment, but I’ll be steadily adding things, so check back time to time.  If you have any questions, leave a comment on this post!


August Moon 2012

If you arrived here from the Honolulu Academy of Arts August Moon event page, take a look here, or browse on the “art” category.  Thanks!

Yumi at Mu’u Mu’u Heaven

Jackie and Eric from Chinatown Boardroom dropped me a line last Friday that there was going to be an opening reception for Yumi at Mu’u Mu’u Heaven in Kailua. A First Friday art show that wasn’t downtown and was on my way home was very attractive, especially if I could check out some nice artwork and meet some old friends and hopefully make some new ones. Traffic was light on the Pali, and there was ample parking. The video crew that did the live feed for Fuyuki’s show were there doing an interview, and the same organizer dude that made the arrangements with the Boardroom last time was there on hand too. I wandered around the rest of the shop and gallery space until the shoot wound up. Continue reading ‘Yumi at Mu’u Mu’u Heaven’

So Long, Chinatown Boardroom

I stopped by Chinatown Boardroom on this month’s First Friday to say goodbye to the downtown art space and surfboard showroom I enjoyed so much over the years. I got to talk to Eric and roughhouse with Enoki a bit, but Jackie wasn’t in when I was there. It’s difficult to write about a shop closure without getting into the whole “economic downturn” thing, but as Eric summed it up, the whole Chinatown scene has changed so much in the last 10 years, and that in addition to the poor economy has conspired against operating a small shop at a profit. Indeed Chinatown has gone from a seedy crime-infested underbelly to a thriving art community, but in recent years (think around when “block parties” started) the vibe has changed toward more of a hipster club scene. Art has become “old hat” downtown. Face it – hipsters only buy dumb hats and fixie bikes and each one fancies himself an artist, so they don’t really support the art communuity: Where hipsters go, the whole iToons-fostered culture of instantly downloadable sub-$5 consumerism soon follows and the idea of creativity is lost. Continue reading ‘So Long, Chinatown Boardroom’


I dropped by Chinatown Boardroom on the 2nd for the opening of Fuyuki’s show, NAMI. Fukaya Fuyuki is an artist from Kyoto who creates using traditional brush techniques and a mix of traditional motifs mixed with a hint of the contemporary. His outstanding design sensibilities stem from his background in kimono fabric design and production. This show is his first in the USA, showcasing his paintings done with traditional water-based sumi-e inks on hand-made washi paper made by his friend in Kyushu. I was thoroughly impressed with his work and bought a woodblock print of a rooster from him. The show runs through the 30th of September, so check it out!

Highly Recommended!

B Is for Brains

om_nom_nomScored this from Dave over at Power Edge on Monday at the grand opening of their new store off of Kona Street.  Thanks Dave!  I feel priviledged to be one of the few who possess his custom-made brain-eating zombie Cookie Monster patch!

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

August_Moon_Drawn_OutJust got home from The Contamporary Museum of Honolulu’s August Moon wine tasting fund raiser at The Edge at the Sheraton Waikiki. I was one of the featured artists at the “Drawn Out” venue table of artists who all donated their time and talents to create artwork on the fly for sale to the attendees to whip up some much needed cash for the museum. Traffic going into Waikiki was horrendous (Saturday? go figure) so I got there a little late (Sorry, Waileia!) – I really should have known better. I managed to draw two pieces – an oni gnawing on a skull, and two nekomimi girls in a box. Both pieces sold almost immediately. Whee! Cade ended up with my last minute scribble “Tio Muerte contra El Prehensilo”, which was not ready for prime time. I am a little curious as to who bought my pieces… Continue reading ‘No Good Deed Goes Unpunished’

Akron Out of Place

Vince_(evil_version)Out_of_Place_Q&AFormer O’ahu MTB-er and surfer Vince “Akron” Labbe was in town last week for the Hawaii premiere of the film, Out of Place, in which he is a featured athlete for the Honolulu Academy of Arts Third Annual Surf Film Festival. He gave a Q&A session after the film and handed out some tee shirts. Chris and the Missus, Ckucke, and I made it down for the premiere showing. The film was well-done, from both the documentary and sports film standpoints. I came away with that awestruck, inspired feeling that I had as a teen after seeing Endless Summer.  It will be showing again on Wednesday, 21 July 2010 at the Doris Duke Theater at 13:00, 16:00, and 19:30. I definitely recommend you go and check it out! For more info, go by the Honolulu Academy of Arts website.