So once again I find myself posting to this blog with sadness in my heart. Musubi, the little cat that adopted us by finding my sister shortly after my mother passed, herself just passed away this morning. I’m quite bummed, she was into the vet a couple times these past weeks as she was having poop problems, as in not pooping. Aside from having to endure a few enemas, when I brought her home Friday, she finally seemed to be better and was eating on Saturday. But then her eating tapered off, she didn’t have another poop until sometime Monday. No interest in food when I got home Monday and I found evidence that she had vomited, clear fluid. Damn, I figured I’d see how she was in the morning and take her to the vet again. When I woke Tuesday her condition was dramtically worse, she was not happy, labored breathing, weak vocalizations, dilated pupils. As I was getting ready to take her in, I heard her make a weak plaintive meow that just didn’t sound good. I sat down with her, she wasn’t looking good at all. As I stroked her to try and give her what comfort I could, I saw her take her last little breath as the life left her little furry self. WTF, lil lady!

Anyway, it sucks. She was a cool little cat, quite affectionate to the people she knew. She’d a fair amount of drama in her life, she did use up quite a number of her “lives”. First off, like I mentioned she found my sister, we have no idea where she came from. Best as we can tell she was a few months old when found. We weren’t really set up to keep her in the house, so she was outside most of the time. As such, she got into some fights and once ended up injured enough to need a visit to the vet and some surgery. The pic above is from shortly after, they shaved her butt so that why her kinked tail has that super pom pom. Some time later, I’m not sure when, she disappeared for a while and we finally found her under the hedges quite unhappy. Best we can figure she got hit by a car on the street and she managed to make her way back. This trip to the vet was not minor. She was pretty messed up and was into the surgery, it wasn’t certain if she’d regain full function, although the doctor gave her a decent chance of survival. Amazingly, she made a full recovery , although I’m thinking those injuries may be factors in the health problem she had. These traumas had left her shy now, she was pretty skittish around anyone unfamiliar. But for those who were, she was a fan. The staff at the vets loved her, she loved to beg for attention from me and would jump into my lap if I let her. She was a sweetie. I’m going to miss you greeting me and tangling in my legs when I get home, jumping in my lap and nuzzling my chin to get me to pay more attention and pet you. The eight years you were here, I hope it was as good for you as us. The house is going to be even emptier now.

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