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Well nuts, having the ouzo-misu has messed me up, im not sleepy at all! Was yummy. No digestive issues, just awaje!

Beer is Good – Volkan Santorini Black

Grabbed dinner after a wet, soggy shoe ride up Tantalus from Olive Garden. Went next door and grabbed this Greek beer. Pours dark dark brown with medium head. Roast malt aroma, but not strong. The honey and citrus adjuncts are hard to detect, there is an elusive aromatic that is hard to place. Quite mild on the bitter. I also dont detect much of the weissen/wheat. Medium mouthfeel. While not spectacular, its easy drinking and got enough going to keep it intersting.

3 out 4 bailing out the Greece national debt (it says so on the label!) monkeys.

Keeping it Real

Sitting here eating lunch and i notice this blurb on the package of my favorite tea, “100% real ingredients.” WTF is that supposed to mean?! You mean theres food out there with imaginary ingredients? Virtual ingredients?



Not Excellent Saturday

Got the FX together in time, got to Kualoa ranch. Looks like there had been some rain earlier, but course was dry. Weather was clear all day, blazing hot in the sun, but pleasant in the shade.

Did decently well in the morning runs, the FX was still having random bogs of no power. Every once in a while itll die when coming to a stop and clutching in. Trying to figure if its ECU, which Ive had to do the infamous capacitor replacements. Also noticed the valvetrain still clatters like a diesel, even after the rebuild. Ive read that VVT on the 20v at this age starts to go and sounds like that, maybe its that?

And then on my last run of the day, it completly shut down. Starter would turn engine, but it wouldnt run. Roll starting didnt work. Towed back to pit. Put in the hig battery and it started, but i noticed a pretty loud humming. Seems the fuel pump is going. It runs and im almost home, picking up dinner at Saigons, so its not dead, but better change it. Not really surprised, in the past it sat with old fuel. The 20v injectors were clogged badly when i sent those in for service. This will be fun, have to drop the tank to change that.

Kelowna bound

 Currently at YVR domestic gates having smoked salmon benny. Flight over was ok, pretty basic, a bit bumpy, no screaming babies but person behind me kept poking back of seat.  

No Banjo Love

sheesh, one little banjo bolt. No one has it retail. I figured Ron’s would have it to go along with the fancy anodized fuel line fittings, no luck. If I knew I would have grabbed one at the junkyard, there must be piles of there.

Beer Is Good – Full Sail Amber

p1060731From Oregon’s FUll Sail brewery, their amber. Pours a clear dark amber, small head. Strong floral hop aroma with accompanying bitter. Some of the malt fights to come through. Medium mouthfeel. Packs some buzz at 6% ABV.

Though not horrible, I can’t say I’m a fan. Given my personal bias I have to hops, I wns up giving this 2 out 4 boingy monkeys.



Beer Is Good – Sam Adams Maple Ale

p1060709Next up in the fall pack is this Maple Ale. Pours a clear dark brown with red tint, medium light head. Medium smoky aroma and hint of the maple. Hops bitter through the middle, but not flowery. Medium mouth feel gives it a bit of a hearty feel. Wonder what the ABV is, this beer feels warm! Ah, it’s 6.4%, it is in the fall pack, after all. It’d be nice if it were more fall like here.

3 out 4 maple monkeys.





Top of the World Day

Nice weather, waiting to head up to Top of the World.

Riding Day 4

 the Kevinator and significant other arrived yesterday, we met up with them mid morning for breakfast at Wildwood now located below Crystal Lodge. Good breakfast then we headed over to get him a rental bike. After dropping them off at their hotel, we took a trip to Creekside and took a little walk. Grabbed some crumpets and local strawberries that was not available at whistler market. Also a chicken samosa for a pre-ride snack as it was nearing noon. 

We picked up Kev on way back to home base, ate our snacks, then suited up to ride Lost Lakes. The skies were ominous, I’d seen some rain heading our way on radar. It was a little chilly riding out but once you worked up some steam it was fine. The rain had reached us, but it never got serious, and the ground here is amazing. Granite rock and cindery dirt give amazing traction even when wet, only the tree roots get really slippery. It was a good ride, although Nekkid-man suffered from a pedal falling of and his rear rotors also threatening to come off. We did help a pair of London ladies put back a crank arm that came off. Hopefully they made it out in good spirits and earned us some karma points.