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Mark My Words…

Forgot to post, as Ckucky and I were working on the FX’s on Saturday, saw HFD go up the street. Sure enough HFD 1 came buzzing by, although at a leisurly pace. They didn’t deploy anything and instead just touched down at the top, picked someone up, then flew to the park.

Beer Is Good – Goose Island Honker’s Ale

Next offering from Goose Island brewery, pours a clear medium amber, small head that persists. There’s a fair amount of the hop note that is in the other two brews I’ve tried, but this one is nicely mellowed by the darker roasting. The bitter is there, but its done pretty smoothly. A medium mouthfeel. This one is a winner!

3 out 4 English style monkeys


Chris and Root were at the shop and Chris discovered a 27.5″-wheeled bike.  Chris found it more agile than a 29″, and noted that he could controllably wheelie it.  He and I both noted that it was short-ish, but that was more a contemporary geometry thing.  It definitely didn’t have as much of a toe-overlap issue as a 29″.  Root said after riding it around that if nobody told him it wasn’t a 27.5″, he would have just thought it was a 26″, and really, when you look at it next to a 29″, that’s what it looks like.

So essentially, in reaction to the negatives and limitations of 29″, they came up with something that “undoes” those, and essentially ended back where they started.  Unless you just want to have something new or different, what’s the point in getting the compromise when you can get either an industry-standard 26″ or 29″?   I don’t think the 27.5″ was different enough from 26″ that you’d get any really noticable difference.  Go all the way and get 29″ or stay with 26″.

Nationalist Agendas

Does everyone with a Genesis Coupe have something to prove?  Guess what?  I don’t care what the numbers say: Your car is still lame.


Not There Yet

Saw a different Genesis Coupe with what may have been some home market emblems and diecut announcing it’s “KDM” heritage.  Oh, so it’s derivitive and two generations in technology behind everyone else?


Lipstick on a Pig (3)

Brembo brakes on a Genesis Coupe?  That’s throwing money away.



AKB48… Sayonara what?  Huh?  Even knowing the answer doesn’t make this one any more understandable.  Huh?



So here’s what happened with the street FX. I went out & got a compression tester and a stethoscope and went about diagnosing the car. Pulled the sparkplugs, they were pretty gunky and the gap looked pretty eroded and huge. I tested the compression, #4 was a little low but within minimum spec, #3 was very good. So while the readings indicated that to be in top running condition, the engine could do with a rebuild, it was still in good running shape. So the headgasket looks to be ok. What now? Continue reading ‘Suck!’

Futless FX

OK, first off thanks to Ckucky and Scat for stopping by for the assist. The main objective of swapping suspension struts went pretty painlessly. There was a slight complication of zapping a cracked flange with welder, but it all went together well, we got all four swapped, and even had bonus time to change out wheel studs on one rear to ARPs. Continue reading ‘Futless FX’

Is the ‘Tard Cruise Ship in Town?

Loiterous gangsta striding redhead Euro trash barrel-bodied beer-gutted girl, get your blue moon boots out of the crosswalk so traffic can go!