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Wailuna to Royal Summit

Rode Wailuna on Saturday.  Met Jeff and Sara at 08:30 and it was drizzling.  The immediate thought was to call it and go home and sleep, but I didn’t want to waste the Cytomax and Endurox that I already mixed up.  Root was running late, so by the time he showed, the rain had ceased and the sun was out and drying things out.  The road climb was not too bad considering the secret training ride I did the day before, but once on te dirt, my legs were burning.  I had to spin granny-ring on sections that were otherwise mid-ring climbs.  Just after the bypass trail junction, Root got the idea that I should climb a lightning-killed tree for a photo.  I managed to get up it, but at the expense of pulling the muscle in the front of my shin.  This would cause me pain for the next 8-miles.

The descent was muddy in spots, but otherwise perfectly tacky.  At the end of the doubletrack, we descended “upper paperbark” to the traverse trail to Newtown, but saw it continue on the other side of the road.  The trail was well worn-in, so after descending a little, we decided to further explore it instead of riding back up to the doubletrack to the traverse.  The trail was significantly more packed and ridden than when we rode it last year.  Connecting to “lower paperbark”, we ended up at the grassy plain.  A singletrack in the grass that had been run through by a truck caught my eye, and we went down it to explore further.  We found “upper front door loop”, “lower front door loop”, and “back door”.  We rode them in that order, finding ourselves at the outer powerline road.  Returning to the grassy plain, we descended “Kerwin’s trail” through the stunt valley and out to the street.  There were lots if new jumps and a bridge-to-log stunt that wasn’t there last year.  The built-up section of the bridge-to-log was rickety, and the telephone pole section it transitioned to wasn’t set well, so it rolled laterally under rider weight.  Total ride was 10.08-miles with a trail time of around 3 hours.  Vavr was 6mph. 

Still don’t believe Jeff and Sara went surfing after all that… 

Root posted pictures already; I’ll add mine after I resize and whatnot in PS (don’t want to do it on WinPE)

01 May 2007 – photos uploaded (I think I got the order correct)  

Wires wires

Whew, ok started the rewiring project. Here’s the engine bay as it was at start of today.


Bust out the box, check it out, was shipped in a JDM box. Haven’t bothered to figure out what originally was in this box:


So I happily pull out all the bits and lay it out on the garage floor, arranging it roughly how it would have been in car. Looks good so far.


Start checking the connectors out and unconvering the hacked in existing ECU in the FX. The gob of silicone in place of plug is one of the things I want to fix.


Unfortunately after much searching & wondering, it looks like the new harness is missing this connector also! Curses! Crap, its going to be difficult to find just this connector.

Anyway, I start to uncover the new harness to figure out what I want to use.


I’m taking my time, pulling connector pins out & slowly getting rid of the bits that I won’t use. I decide I’m not going to use the new fuse box, although its nice. The starter relay and a mystery component & connector that look like its related is also removed. The alternator looks different so those wires come out too. Anyway, here’s how it stands just a little before I called it quits for the night.


Hopefully I’ll be ready to start installing it soon. I guess I’m going to have to live with the blobby hack for now & replace what I can. I plan to pull indivdual pins and thread the wires through the firewall to keep the wiring intact like OEM, instead of cutting & splicing as much as possible. I’m hoping replacing the hack splicing job in the engine bay will smooth out some of the engine running problems. We shall see!

Airport Water

Now I could have sworn when we went to Canada after the “liquid ban”, the bottled water at the Airport Consessions was “only” $1.75 for a 20oz.

SO why the *&$!% is the price suddenly up at $2.99 for a 24oz or $3.49 for a litre, only 3 months later?!  Inflation isnt that bad is it?

It must all part of a carefully crafted scam!

Squirt n wire

Box arrived with the wiring harness to match the JDM 20V engine in the FX, and the Megasquirt ECU. Haven’t had a chance to do much else then look at box & lift it. Heavier than I expected, but when you think about it, its a healthy bundle of wire. Hey, shoo you pesky copper rats, go grab some hi voltage primaries.

Spring 07

New crop of fansubs showing up for this season. So far not much has really caught my fancy as really good, but there’s some that are entertaining. This is all subjective of course, and some judgements I make on a single show and some I totally miss or pass over as there’s so much out there I don’t have the time to watch it all. So here we go, in no particular order:

Murder Princess


Princess flees castle to escape a coup literaly bumps into ruthless mercenary/bounty hunter and their souls (conveniently) switch. Freaky Friday? The shin Princess charges back to the castle on a flame riding chopper (at least I find her more interesting than Nicholas Cage…) and proceeds to slice & dice. Oh my, what has happened to the demure Princess? Art & character designs are decent but nothing out of ordinary, animation is nothing to write home about, lots of animation resistance. Perhaps worth wasting some time on if bored.



Um, okay, this is a sports anime, I can just hear Dave running away. It’s got bikes… road bikes, and boys in tighties. I can hear Dave screaming and running real fast now. At least this isn’t a thinly veiled merchandising ploy to sell kids toys. Ep starts with how for the first time in history of the Tour De France there is a Japanese rider poised to win. So I guess the rest of this series will be about how this school loner becomes the hope of Japan after being manipulated by the girl he has a crush on. So what’s the messsage here, only losers ride bikes? Hey, I resent that. Anyway, I guess this is worth wasting some time on. It has some moments. Again art & animation decent. Detail on the bikes is quite good & acurate, Shimano & Trek are credited sponsors after all.



Medievel setting, variation on the half human-half vampire hunter theme. I can’t decide what to think of this one. It’s being played totally serious, no humor, and also pretty cliched. I’m still watching it, but I don’t find anything really compelling in it.

Seirei no Moribito


Finally something of note. CG has certainly come a long way, anime has learned how to utilize it in a way that works with the traditional style, instead of having it stick out like a sore thumb screaming, hey look at what we can do, how cool is this? The art and animation in this show is outstanding. Looks like prob same people who did Blood+ if I’m not imagining things. I’m also impressed that they are keeping the quality up beyond the first episode. Now what about the show? Hmm, looks like trouble in royalty again. The royal prince (setting looks Tibety) becomes the target of assisination, by his own father the king, after he becomes bedeviled by some spirit. His mother the queen witnesses the prowess of the female warrior Balsa when she rescues the prince from an “accident” and procures the services of said warrior to take the prince away and protect him. And so the adventure begins…. There’s definitely enough here to keep me interested & wanting to see more.

Tons more to come!

St. Louis pics

Alright, spooooky pics from our ride are up:

St. Louis freeride

Short-list crew rode St. Louis last night, only Root, Ckucky, and me.  JT was just back from Kauai, and Chris was in birthing class.  Rode the cliffside trail, the main line, and 2-jumps down, then went back up to the powerline pole and hit the center trail to the junction with the switchback climb up from Hypodermics.  Rode all the way back up to the mainline and rode down the old way.  I (nobody?) didn’t feel like riding all the way back up the inner loop to do Dumps, but we ended up still having to suffer on the agave climb.  Dirt was dry but grippy – not dusty and loose like last Monday.  Don’t have the bike here, so no computer, but if memory serves me, Vmax on the trail was 21.9mph.  Root took some pics, so they should be up in the gallery eventually…

On the way back to McB, checked out the sideways tree on University Avenue.  Looks like a good spot for photos.  Mr. Low-rent who lives in the building next to the tree started tweaking when he saw Ckucky’s HID – probably thought the aliens or HPD was outside.

 25 April 2007 – just checked the computer, and it was a measly 4.5-mile ride! Vavr was 8.0mph.

Free Tibbits

Hmm, so today is the 18th Birthday of the Panchen Lama, who was “spirited away” by chinese agents 12 years ago.  (The Panchen Lama is the 2nd most important figure in Tantric Buddhism, after the Dalai Lama; and hes been in exile since 1959)  I wonder if they’ll let him out now; or continue the charade of “having private schooling in beijing”

Also, dont forget the Dalai Lama is on Maui today, check out the webcast here


Fight the power!

More testing

1st test blog post from taro