Monthly Archive for March, 2013

Not Rallyproof

OK, I guess I’ve been abusing my GoPro beyond it’s capabilities. This was mounted under the front bumper, and today’s course had a couple sections that became rutted so was contacting dirt. Prob should have taken a cue when one of the click in mounts snapped, but instead I switched to shorter mount and kept going. On one of my final runs I got back to see that the mount was intact, but the case was empty! It looks like the latch popped open. Eventually we were able to find the camera and the wifi back. It’s pretty banged up but it appears to still turn on. Connector is crammed full of dirt and the lens is scratched. The real suck thing is that I didn’t notice until I got home, the flash card is gone! No footage!



Saving feral cats is dangerous!  Blind cat, scruffed him slightly off and he whipped his head around and took a bite and got me right in the nail. Owtch!


HI5-0 second unit shoot wrapping at Kuakini. Three fake HPD cars and fake ambulance.


Nice Pants, Grace!

Grace Park and Scott Caan at the South Street “EYE” parking lot.


Waterfront Syndrome

It must have something to do with the demographic of people who work in or around Waterfront Plaza, but I’ve seen multiple people now making left turns off of Punchbowl  heading there turn into the ONCOMING lane of traffic because there were pedestrians in the crosswalk in the lane they wanted to turn into.  This is more than the lazy wristed people who cut the turn because their ineffectual girly arms aren’t effective at turning the steering wheel more than a quarter turn – this is a conscious effort to intentionally drive in the wrong lane.


The New Ass Hat Car

Seems like the Prius has replaced the Golf as the a-hole’s car of choice.  I’ve seen a Prius C and several Gen2 Priuses cutting in and out of traffic and going full bore off the changing traffic signal this week.


Can You Cuten Up an Old Fart?

They’ve been playing a current ELT single on KORL.  I’m guessing that it’s still Mochida Kaori and not some new girl, but her voice is up an octive with a little warble on low notes like she’s trying to “cuten up” her voice by making it high.  How old is she now?


Battle of the Action Cams

Having used both the Sony and GoPro over our Hokkaido trip, I now have some more thoughts on these two cameras and how they stack up against each other. GoPro feature set wise wins. Their WiFi remote is very useful, much more than linking up a smartphone. How often in -10C with winds blasting enough to almost knock you over and snow swirling in your face are you going to dig out your smartphone, take off your gloves in order to use the phone, wait for the app to sync, then browse through it to change settings or start the camera. The GoPro allows full access to all functions while in the waterproof case, although in use the only setting I changed in the field was the inverted setting. The Sony once it was in case only has the start/stop button, which ended up being fine. And it’s a nice big button that makes it glove friendly.

But the Sony has only one tiny impossible to see record indicator LED on the back, I could never see it in the field. The start tone is too soft, again impossible to hear through layers of neckwarmer, helmet ear muff, blasting snow and wind.

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Beer Is Good – Sam Adams Maple Pecan Porter

Part of the current Spring Thaw variety pack. I’ve already reviewed the Alpine Spring, which is one of my current faves. This one is a porter and pours moderate heavy head, an extremely dark brown, almost black. There’s a definite dark roast, and yet it does not taste burnt. The bitter is also moderated by its fairly strong maple sweetness. You also definitely get the nuttyness from the pecan, but can’t readily identify it. I’m generally not a fan of beers with heavy sweetness, but it works pretty good here, and surprisingly the mouth feel is not very heavy or syrupy. However this isn’t a chugging beer.

I give it a 3 out of 4 porterly monkeys.

Onsen saiko!

Now boarding. Spent about 45 min at the Sapporo Chitose airport onsen, awesome! Every airport needs one!