Monthly Archive for August, 2011

Stop the Insanity!

 Stay safe out on the streets out there today. I think it’s Crazy Driver Day or something! Will elaborate later.


Pipe Nightmares

Ugh ugh and tripple ugh! Third day of trying to weld this damn pipe, and no success in getting it completely watertight. It looks solid enough but despite trying five times tonight, no success. I’m giving up for tonight and possibly for good on this. I might chance ordering a new one from Toyota and smushing it, or if I get the MR2 supercharged one that the starter is supposedly for maybe it’ll all be moot and fit perfectly, although the Toyota parts diagrams are confusing on that.

Was this all a pipe dream?

Water Woes

So took off that offending pipe again. Can see its leaking at the patch weld. I’m not entirely convinced the water pump is leaking so I’ll wait on taking that apart. Will have to wait till tomorrow to try and reweld.

Water sucks

Damn it, air-cooled engine is sounding hood right about now. My patch still leaks, although much less. Leak is a leak. But with it that much less, realized the water pump is leaking too!

Humble Pie

Woke up late after last night’s fun, needed to address the pipe problem. Decided to try for Plan B.  I have a another water pipe amid spares, but did not use it because for some reason it’s shape and bends are slightly different and doesn’t clear the relocated starter. I decide at this point to try and mod it to fit. First I set about creating the clearance for the terminal. I grind off most of the bracket.  Now to make the clearance this time I decide to use a bit more finesse and use the rickety Blue Sky hydraulic press and pieces of DRMO stuff. It’s more controlable and less traumatic than the hammer so hopefully wont create leaks. So far so good, but trying to bend the pipe is another story. By the time I give up the pipe is pretty well mangled. Ugh, not going well. Continue reading ‘Humble Pie’

Two Wrongs Make a Right?

On Young Street, backs up and turns down our office street, in reverse! So does going down a one way street the wrong way but in reverse make it any better?! Bad enough you get lazy b’s going the wrong way on our street and when you catch them as you’re coming the right way, they try make like all lost but turn and park in the First Interstate Building. You know full well where the heck you’re going!


Not Legit Enough, Quiting for Tonight

So I have the FX all back together and almost ready to fire. Engine oil was filled wed night, no leaks. I filled transaxle oil earlier in the evening, no leaks. So I torqued up the remaining fastners, hooked up the rest of the engine bits, tightened down the 3M Window Weld urethane gooped engine mount, and the final step before putting the battery back in was to fill coolant. Starts OK, but when I reach around 5 liters I hear dribbling water. Nuts! I double check the torque on the water fitting on back of head, perhaps a little loose.  The heck? It continues to leak at a good pace. Nuts! I start to take stuff off to get a better look. It’s not leaking from where I initiialy thought it was. I take the starter out and it looks like it’s probably where I hammered the pipe. I pull the pipe out and fill it with water in the sink, sure enough there’s a thin trickle of water from a pinhole where I hammered. Ugh! It’s 2:30AM, I quit for the night. So close. In retrospect I should have filled water early because now with the manifold on it’s more of a pain to work on that pipe. Deal with it tomorrow.

Will the Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up?

Saw two actual commercial AM General Humvees yesterday, one white 2-door fastback and one blue 4-door wagon.  Come to think of it, I really haven’t seen many GM H2’s or H3’s around lately, but maybe that’s not because they have been naturally selected out of the gene pool (like any 3-year-old Korean car), but more because I haven’t been driving through the ghetto to see them.


Hammer Time

For anyone keeping track, I’ve been in the process of putting the rally FX back together. While I waited for the transmission with LSD installed, I dry fitted the relocation for the starter. In a move that mystifies, Toyota had the starter located on the exhaust side, the exhaust manifold tucking neatly around it, enveloping in it’s loving warm folds. Try killing, baking, oven! Toyota eventually learned and later generations of Corollas located the starter on the opposite side of the engine, so there exists transmissions that have the mountings on both sides. I happen to have one, among the three(!) spare transmissions I have sitting in the garage. The transmission, along with the LSD install, is having that bellhousing swapped on. Next thing needed for the conversion is a correct starter, I ask for the 4AGZE supercharged MR2 starter. You then need to source a correct cover plate that goes between the engine and transmission. I don’t happen to have a spare one, so I took the existing one and cut a hole for the new starter location and welded a plate over the old opening.

Continue reading ‘Hammer Time’

Lying Sack of S**t

It’s not like politicians lying surprise me, but I seem to recall Chucky D. promising to spare Hawai’i of his nonsense after he lost miserably to Colleen in the last election.  Now the hack is on the verge of announcing he’ll challenge her again in the next election?  Has he forgotten how soundly he was trounced?  Perhaps he’s a legend in his own mind…