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Anime Briefs – Spring 2011 continued

With my PC dead at the moment, reduced to doing what I can with my iPhone, & the only stuff I can watch is Crunchyroll streams. I’d watched most of what initially interested me, so now down to the lesser stuff. Continue reading ‘Anime Briefs – Spring 2011 continued’


Mmm, do yourself a favor and get to a Don Quiote and grab a tray of the fresh New Zealand King Salmon. Went by to look for something to make for dinner. No nice hamachi or buri. The atlantic salmon was fresh and on sale, but I spied next to it the nice looking cuts of King Salmon. Looked so nice, couldn’t resist. Got home and did a simple salt and broil. This batch was o so wonderfully fatty and tasty! Blast your omega-3’s! Musubi here is going to have a treat!

Beer Is Good – Chang

I brlieve Dave reviewed this beer already, but I found it at Safeway today and had to grab a sixer. Pours a bright clear light yellow with no head and weak carbonation. I think it has suffered from ill handling, Daves was much the opposite. I don’t detect a whole lot of initial aroma. Comes across as a dry beer with a fair amount of bitter. Quite drinkable, goes well with food. 3 of 4 elephant loving monkeys.

Anime Briefs – Spring 2011

OK, Dave was suggesting I do a review page of the new anime shows showing up on fansub and streaming and I see he put up one post, so I’ll work on a the new batch. The spring batch of anime started off slow, the first shows I watched were pretty bottom of the barrel drivel. Continue reading ‘Anime Briefs – Spring 2011’

Anime Briefs – Hanasaku Iroha (JDM/USDM)

Deja vu.  I get the feeling I’ve seen this all before…  In the late 90’s, TBS started a long-running afternoon drama, Onsen he Ikou! about a woman in he waning years of her marriageability showing up at the onsen-yado run by her estranged mother. After her wedding plans fall apart, the heroine seeks to reinvent herself by taking on a job as a live-in maid at the inn. Of course, cattiness, tension, deceit, and eventually heartwarming moments ensue. Fast-forward a decade in real-time, take a decade off the age of the protagnist, and you’ve got Hanasaku Iroha. As the “turning-thirty” heroine of Onsen was meant to resonate with the early-afternoon housewife audience demographic, the middle teen protagonist of Hanasaku is designed to appeal to girls about to go through (or are going through) that transition between middle school and high school. Because of this, I’m sure it’s not really going to be a direct ripoff of the drama, but I can’t imagine that there will be any storyline or literary twist that hasn’t been previously explored in 5 seasons of Onsen he Ikou!, or the 2008 reprisal, Onsen he Go!, or even Asakusa Fukumaru Ryokan or the multitudinous seasons of Hotel. Continue reading ‘Anime Briefs – Hanasaku Iroha (JDM/USDM)’

Allergy Time

Get ready for the ramp-up of allergy season.  The avocado blooming two weeks ago made my eyes go redder than an albino rabbit, and this week the albizia are starting to go off.  Fun!



So since learning that pastrami is smoked corned beef, we got together for a Saturday food project that we haven’t done in a while. This process is hot smoking, which should have been easier that the cold smoking that we’ve done previously for smoked salmon and bacon.  Should being the operative word. So you see here the contraption that was created out of a water heater box and other large panels of cardboard, wood dowels, cooking racks, and inside a cheap single electric element burner and wok. The pieces of pastrami and other meats we decided top try smoking were placed on the rack in the upper section. On the bottom was placed the burner with wok. The burner was turned on to high and pieces of wood chips loaded into the wok. The burner was to make the chips smolder and smoke and provide enough heat to cure the meat. Alas, the heat inside the box seemed to get too high and the burner thermostat would trip before the internal heat could rise enough. Continue reading ‘Pastramification’

Beer Is Good – Smithwicks Irish Ale

Have had this on tap at Kailua Pub, so it’s a known good brew, but haven’t reviewed it in B.I.G. yet. Pours a clear dark brown with moderate head that dissapates, but manages to persist a little and maintains carbonation. There’s a definite roasty aroma even before you take a sip. There is the bitterness of a dark roast, but it is very even and smooth, I thoroughly enjoy it. Despite its darkness, it’s quite clean drinking, there isn’t a really heavy mouth feel, there’s a little initial heft, but it does not stick around. Great beer for fans of stouts and porters but when you want something a tad lighter. I like.

I don’t know if its because it’s the end of a busy week and it’s super hot and humid out, but this beer is giving me much enjoyment that I’m giving it 4 out of 4 Irishy monkeys.

Way of the Hat?

Huh?    What?  Boshido?  The Way of the Hat?

Beer Is Good – Red Hook Copper Ale

Not feeling super different, decided to pick up this offering from Red Hook breweries. Pours with a weak quickly dissapating head, although carbonation does persist. Color is a slightly cloudy medium light orange. Moderate tapering bitter with a bit of astringent middle and finish. There is a medium amount of thick mouth feel.  A touch of floral. A decent drinking beer, but if it got any more syrupy it would tread dangerously into the realm of american buzz juice malt liquors taste that I dislike. The 5.8% ABV does pack a little bit of buzz. I’d have to go middle of road and give it 2.5 out of 4 capybara avoiding monkeys.