Not Excellent Saturday

Got the FX together in time, got to Kualoa ranch. Looks like there had been some rain earlier, but course was dry. Weather was clear all day, blazing hot in the sun, but pleasant in the shade.

Did decently well in the morning runs, the FX was still having random bogs of no power. Every once in a while itll die when coming to a stop and clutching in. Trying to figure if its ECU, which Ive had to do the infamous capacitor replacements. Also noticed the valvetrain still clatters like a diesel, even after the rebuild. Ive read that VVT on the 20v at this age starts to go and sounds like that, maybe its that?

And then on my last run of the day, it completly shut down. Starter would turn engine, but it wouldnt run. Roll starting didnt work. Towed back to pit. Put in the hig battery and it started, but i noticed a pretty loud humming. Seems the fuel pump is going. It runs and im almost home, picking up dinner at Saigons, so its not dead, but better change it. Not really surprised, in the past it sat with old fuel. The 20v injectors were clogged badly when i sent those in for service. This will be fun, have to drop the tank to change that.

Ted’s to the Rescue

Told Ted’s that I have event on Saturday so they came through and repaired the bellhousing. They actually had it done yesterday. I picked it up today and spent the night installing. I tried something a little different in my arrangement of jacks, hoist, and straps, it didn’t seem to make it go that much better. And then I ran into a snag getting the CV shaft to go back in, the spring clip on one side was a bit too open. FInally ended up grabbing a clip from another shaft. It got really late so I didn’t quite get everything together, but all the difficult stuff is done.

Coral Trout

Found at Don Quixote yesterday, what is labeled as “Coral Trout”, place of origin listed as Christmas Island. Interesting, there were a couple other fishes from there too. Guess they’re experimenting on bringing in fresh fish from varied sources? For a while was seeing some out of the usual from Japan. This one is quite vividly colored, got a couple comments in the check out line. Thankfully for the internet, learned that this is a pretty highly regarded food fish found in western pacific, so I went for it and bought one. At $14/lb it was not cheap, but not way up there like they sometimes charge for something like Nabeta.

Cooked it for dinner tonight, Chinese steamed black bean style. I can report it was good. Firm moist white flesh. The skin is thick though, might be interesting broiled. Steamed the skin was kinda rubbery.

More Snap

Been driving the FX to try and get it to 1000 miles break in to switch to synthetic oil. Almost there, but I noticed some clunking and roughness in acceleration. Got under yesterday to take a look, the rear transmission mount was loose. Dropped the transaxle tonight and here a better look. This is the mount that I welded solid, looks like its too much stress. Case is cracked and stripped out on one hole, bolt snapped off in other. Will be taking this to Ted’s to see if they can repair this. Also been looking into fabricating custom mounts to use polyurethane bushings.

First Hawaiian Auto Show 2017

A little late blogging about this, last weekend I participated in SCCA’s display at the First Hawaiian Auto Show. I put the rally FX on display. I get a kick out of people seeing this unassuming unglamouros vehicle among all the shiny ginamormous turbo and sleek cars. I didn’t even have time to wash it, it still had a coating of steel dust and weld splatter from the rust patches I was working on. Propped the hood open mainly so people could see the cool airbox art courtesy of Scat and Risu. Only Toyota 4AGE geeks would recognize that the engine was something a little out of ordinary. It did have my concession to bling with polished valve cover, but aside from that and the air intake box and tube it looks pretty normal.

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Beer Is Good – Anchor California Lager

All the IPA, white IPA, orange IPA, triple extreme hop this, angry hop that, making me desperate to find something I might like. So instead of looking for something new, went old. Anchor Steam goes back to the my early beer days but I haven’t had their other offerings. The porter was good, lets try this lager. Pours clear yellow, light head. light aroma, fairly heavy bitter comes in. Some malt. Medium light mouthfeel. I can’t say I really like this, it’s a little too heavy on bitter for me, but it’s not terrible.

2 out 4 old school California monkeys.

Kirin Hiyamugi

At the local J food shops these Kirin noodles have been showing up. Heck, the cute retro design made me buy some. They had ramen and other noodles, but you don’t see as much of hiyamugi so I bought these. It’s like somen, but thicker. Kinda nice to have something with a little more “bite”.

3 out of 4 giraffe monkeys.



Beer Is Good – Firestone Walker 805 Central Coast

Missed my chance to try this on tap at dinner this past Thursday. Pours light amber with light head. Light hint of citrus hop aroma gives it a bit of bitter which fades to a nice malt in the finish. Crisp mouthfeel. I would say this is a pretty “sessionable” beer, but has enough going on to be good.

3 out 4 central coast monkeys



Numi Rooibos Chai

Last Whistler trip discovered a new favorite drink at Blenz, Rooibos chai latte. Good for if didnt want the buzz of the Euro dark chocolate hot choco. And in an attempt to keep my gas production down, witg soy milk. Rooibos is my favored herbal tea, from an African plant its a caffein free herbal tea that is the closest flavor to tea. Imagine my delight when i came across this at Foodland when looking for a refill.

Tea with the nice warming of spices, nutmeg, cinamon, cardamom, makes me feel like im sitting in colonial India!

4 out of 4 allspice monkeys

Erdinger Weissbier Dunkel

Pours a cloudy dark brown with medium strong head. Just a hint of tang, and interestingly despite its darkness there isn’t a strong dark roast flavor. Strong carbonation keeps the mouthfeel crisp. Quite easy drinking and pleasant.

3 out 4 dunkel monkeys.