Tantalus tuesday

With the spate of rainy days we’ve been having this season, many of our Tuesday evening ride have turned into road slogs up tantalus. Last week I had my St. Louis dh bike and equipment but we got rained out again. Ckucky flatted so after I gave him my spare skiny tube I motored on ahead. I ended up beating them to the top and the following week smack talk ensued.
Chris wasn’t taking my smack talk sitting down today and put the hammer down from the start. Hit my weak spot, I’m not good at the start. Actually I’m not so strong in the middle, or finish, hah. By the time we got to the straights in eucalyptus he was barely in sight.
Oh, and I wasn’t hallucinating when i saw roadie with face guard helmet on lunalilo a few weeks ago, saw two coming down as we were going up. One was a woman with Giro helmet with lots of vents.
Caugh one glimpse of Chris on the last turn before the one lane bridge.
He did push me to cut almost two minutes of my time on the climb, actually made it up in less then 40 minutes, what a blazing pace!
We only got a couple light sprinkles and the heat eased once we gained some elevation and the sun got lower, so it turned into a fairly nice evening.
As Chris said as he was loading up after the ride, it’s kinda nice having the upcoming Whistler trip giving us incentive to ride more. It’s easy to get lazy, but once you get on the bike you realize how good it feels to be out on it.

On Any Sunday

It’s been a while, I’m sure there were times when I was not around, but this morning heard the sirens go up the street, followed later by sounds of Air1. Time for someone to get a ride in the barf bucket again!

Beer Is Good-Sam Adams Summer Ale

Another from the summer seasonal variety pack. Pours a bright cloudy gold, medium light head. Citrus aroma, a bit of spice. Balanced bitter and some grain notes. Medium mouth feel and crisp. Pretty easy drinking.

A decent 3 out 4 citrusy monkeys.

Beer Is Good-Sam Adams Blueberry Hill Lager

Another selection from the summer variety pack. Summer is fruity beer time? Anyway, pours a clopudy amber with medium light head. Blueberry aroma immediately detectable upon opening bottle. The berry is mostly an aroma thing, it perhaps lends a little sweet, but there is also a bit of bitter. This one is more beerlike than the previous Porch Rocker, but still pretty light on any malt and grain flavors. Medium mouthfeel. I can’t say I’m a big fan, it’s not like a soda that packs punch that the Porch Rocker is, but doesn’t make it as a good beer either. It’s not horrible.

2 out of 4 blue monkeys.

Beer Is Good – Samuel Adams Porch Rocker

From their current summer variety pack, this is a flavored beer. A style some might be familiar as a shandy, a combo of lemonade and beer. Pours with moderately small head, a bright clear yellow. Definite lemon aroma, not a whole lot of much else. Not overwhelmingly sweet, but enough to mask most of any bitterness, only a touch of that remains. There’s also not a whole lot of beer flavor to be found, if you try really hard you can taste some grain in the aftertaste. Mouthfeel is light. It’s not objectionable, but it’s like a malt beverage, dare I say it, Zima? At 4.5% ABV it’s about the same as a beer on the lower end, so it can get some buzz going since its so easy drinking.

If you’re looking for something like those hard ciders or lemonades, then this is fine, but as a beer I don’t know how to rate this. 2 out of 4 pop beer monekys.

Here’s the Scoops

Got my roof vent and scoop kit last week so I set out to install. It’s not anything terribly complex, just cut a hole in roof, drill a bunch of holes, bolt it in. It did take a fair amount of the weekend as I took my time and also needed to run to the hardware store a couple times. It went together nicely.

So now the FX looks all extreme rally ready. Just needs light bar and gravel guard that I’ve been debating how to make. Oh yeah, it looks cool, but how does it work? Took it for a test ride just now and happy to report it works quite nicely. Good test as it started raining. At highway speed and the vent open in the forward direction it cranks in a lot of air. Only thing is with it centered most of that airflow is going right in the center, between the seats, where no one sits. With the rain, flipping the vent to rear opening allows ventilation but keeps out the rain, except when the car adjacent to you hits a big puddle and throws a big splash all over. This should be a nice addition since the FX has no A/C.

Another Ridge?

Saturday, 31 May 2014

The weather was nice at the end of the week, so the call to ride went out.  The day was narrowed to Saturday morning, but the crew dwindled to Ckucke, Root, and I.  We met out at the Ditch to climb Government Road and go as far into Demon as time allowed.  The graded road was just damp – enough for perfect, sticky traction with no picking up or packing.  There was one mud hole before the road turns rocky, but that was it.  After a rest at the top, where Ckucke and Root noticed what appeared to be a lot of traffic on the switchback cut directly down from the big trees, we headed up the Demon trail. Continue reading ‘Another Ridge?’

Gusty Friday

Friday, 30 May 2014

It wasn’t rainy when I got home, but it was overcast.  I figured I better give it a shot and get some saddle time.  I got a bit of a late start, and it was very windy, so the start of a light drizzle was enough to send me home prematurely.

D = 10.3 km, Vavr = 14.9 km/h, Vmax = 32.5 km/h, T = 41-minutes, A/D = 159 m

Still Feeling It

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The traffic cams were frozen, probably from homeless copper thieves cutting the fiber optic cables somewhere, so I was happy to find the weather was actually nice when I got home, though not as nice as it looked on the frozen images from last week!  I was still in a fair amount of discomfort from the Memorial Day hike, but riding the bike did make the sore knee feel a lot better.  It didn’t do anything positive for the sore shoulders though.

D = 9.29 km, Vavr = 14.2 km/h, Vmax = 31.2 km/h, T = 39-minutes, A/D = 114 m

In Memoriam of My Knee

Monday, 26 May 2014

Like clockwork, rainy weather rolled in for the long weekend.  With the prospects for a ride all but gone, when Memorial Day Monday rolled around, a hike was decided on.  Chris and I met at Root’s then we headed over to Koko Head district park, then up past the rifle range to the entrance of Hanauma Bay.  We hiked the ridge road, following a large group of beachgoing visitors.  They turned down a side trail assumedly to a bus stop and we continued up to the turnoff to the point.  Descdending along the rim of the first explosion crater, we passed Mojo Dave’s best customer, all decked out in Vertx with an Eberlestock pack.  I asked him how long he had been out there, assuming from the size of his loadout he had been there at least overnight, but he said he was there only a couple of hours.  My knee was fine on the climb up. but this descent was starting to cause discomfort. Continue reading ‘In Memoriam of My Knee’