Beer Is Good – Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest

This is in the variety pack I picked up a while ago, just got around to drinking & reviewing! Pours a clear medium dark amber with moderate head. A nice blend of roasty malt, balanced floral hop, hint of grain. Medium mouth feel. A drinkable beer with some substance.

A good solid 3 out of 4 oktober mokeys.

Beer Is Good – Sierra Nevada 2014 Narwhal Imperial Stout

Glad to see something that is not yet another IPA. Seems IPAs are the latest in beer. This is not one. Pours opaque black with minimal head. The smoky aroma swirls through your nose carried on the wings of 10% ABV. That also gives it a lingering warmth and carries the dark roast notes throughout. The bitterness stays pretty even thoughout, dark chocolate and straight coffee lovers should enjoy this as the roast is what seems to be giving it most of this, not a strong hops bitter. It actually doesn’t have as heavy a mouthfeel as you might expect. If you try hard you can detect some of that Sierra Nevada hop peeking through, but in all this is a pretty darn good beer. Or maybe that’s the 10% alchy talking, my typing seems to be affected already! This is a sipping beer and as such maintains it’s goodness as it warms.

3.5 out of 4  stout monkeys.

Beer Is Good – Mythos

I grabbed dinner at Olive Tree and ducked into the little market next door while waiting for my order. Lots of neat little Mediterranean stuff. Grabbed  this “premium quality Hellenic beer” to try with dinner. Pours a slightly cloudy light yellow, small head. Not a strong aroma, “karakuchi” dry taste with a fairly strong initial bitter which quickly goes away. A clean beer. Just a hint of skunkyness snuck into the aroma near the end. Perhaps the light reaction happened that fast?! Time to switch from CFL to LEDs! BTW, “skunked” beer is a result of light on the shorter wavelength end reacting with and breaking down hops compounds into the same stuff that makes skunks stink. People are quite sensitive and it only takes a tiny amount.

Anyway, this beer was nice and clean but kinda non-descript. The skunk that crept in kinda bummed me out and made me give it a 2 out 4 Hellenic monkeys.

Darkness Falls

Wednesday, 01 October 2014

I made it home in good time, and the weather was surprisingly nice considering the random heavy squalls falling island wide. I went out for a quick spin, but even with my prompt start, the daylight didn’t last long, sending me homeward bound early. I guess it’s getting to that time of year, even though the midday heat still feels like midsummer. I knew it was too dark when I had difficulty spotting the landing off my regular jump.

D = 8.55 km, Vavr = 14.6 km/h, Vmax = 37.2 km/h, T = 35-minutes, A/D = 129 m

Goin’ Home

Monday, 29 September 2014

Even with the dire forecast of thunderstorms and a flash flood alert in effect, it was dry enough to take a spin when I got home.  The weather was a little to good to be true, for as soon as I got to the farthest end of my normal loop, I felt the raindrops start.  The drizzling was very localized, so I stuck it out until it subsided then hit the little booter a couple of times.  As the sun fell behind the hills and darkness gathered, I sprinted home through wet grass under peach hued skies before the Largo of Dvorak’s Symphony Number 9 could end.

D = 9.51 km, Vavr = 15.4 km/h, Vmax = 42.6 km/h, T = 37-minutes, A/D = 146 m

Darned Mice

The mouse got Vince!

I Can’t Even Look at You Anymore

Drat. That’s two ride opportunities missed this week. Monday was lizard tales with the neighbor and Filter Queen filter cone change, and Wednesday just was dark and doomy after I got off the phone with Chris. The weather is supposed to deteriorate toward the weekend, so Friday will probably be a wash too. Should have really gone on Sunday no matter how ill I felt or how awful the heat.

Kart, is that like Krab?

Photo credit to Dan "kombi"

Last week Saturday as a end to a great four year run of rallycross, we had a party at The Groove, a kart track that recently opened up in Kakaako. Unlike the other track out in Kapolei, these are gas karts. You could argue that like krab, karts are not like real race cars, but I think you would be wrong. These things are great fun and when you get up to speed, it does feel pretty real! And since all the karts are so similar, you get to see how much a difference a good driver and technique makes. I tended to be tail happy and slide a lot of the turns and it showed in my times. My times were decent, but at least a full second slower than the top drivers, over a 20 second lap. Small mistakes in your line show up in your time.

Oh, and driving these things will give your arms and shoulders a workout. Non power, very quick steering means some muscle needed to hold these things in line. And if you’re skinny like me, get those butt gasket seat pad things. I didn’t know about them until my last run, without them I was swimming around in the seats no matter how tight you made the belts. Got bruises on the inside of my knees to show for that!

Tubeless, not dentless

OK, tubeless technology does not mean dentless. On last Tuesday’s St. Louis DH ride on the road back to Ckuky the rear started swimming around. Yes, the tire was going flat. Hand pump got it enough to get back to his house. Last night I took the tire off for a more detailed inspection. Looks like I smacked a rear hard enough to dent the rim, on one side, and cause it to leak. Proceeded to pry and pound it until it was a little better and with more sealant it’s holding air.

TR Phone Home

Aloha, SNM fans. Self-invited guest blogger “Toki-doki” here (aptly dubbed, if I may say so myself) to offer explanation, reflection, and atonement for the weird but thankfully brief disturbance I inflicted on the Whistler biketrip guys last week. Not sure which category this falls into, I think it’s mostly “rant” obliquely related to “culture” and “travel”, but more likely it’ll make the reader want to “SUAR”. If you had “roast”, as in celebrity roast, this would sit squarely in that category since Root gets raked pretty good over the coals (or rolled into the imu, if we’re going for regional flavor). And while it’s definitely not food review, I submit the accompanying pink drink photo (more about it later) to counterbalance all the beer-and-gear weighing down this site – nah, actually I don’t have a visual aid for this story, but I figured we owe a tribute to the WAG/SOs [wives and girlfriends/significant others] who steadfastly keep calm and carry on through whatevah, and who will hopefully find this parable entertaining as well. Continue reading ‘TR Phone Home’