Superb Squamish

Wednesday started overcast and just as forecast as we drove down to Squamish started clearing. By the time we got to Tantalus bike shop, atches of blue sky and sun were out. They were out of the SORCA trail passes, which is a voluntary usage fee to support the work done on the trailsm well worth the $15. We consulted the great staff on the area we wanted to check out. Awesome thing at the shops are pretty much everyone is a core rider. Continue reading ‘Superb Squamish’

Damp Tuesday

Woke up once at 4AM, outside was raining and wet. Weather forecasts here are pretty spot on, Tuesday was forecast for a damp day. It was a lazy morning and we eventually made our way to the Village to browse and shop. Lunch was Gone Village Eatery for a second day in a row. The guys had never been to this soup and sandwhich shop tucked behind the bookstore before, good stuff.

Continue reading ‘Damp Tuesday’

Pallet Man

Fun ride, sunny, not a trace of rain, got my butt totally kicked on the climbs.

day started with power going out partially in our condo. Found out later our neighbors too.

after dinner at relocated Avalanche pizza, getting Cows ice cream, the man who will be unnamed, who has the most experience with wood burning fireplaces, spots a shipping pallet outside of Cows side door. Dude, pallets make the best firewood! And it free. So he grabs it and runs it out to the street, right across from the Firehouse and police station, loads it into the van. On the drive back we brainstorm ideas on how to bust up the pallet into smaller pieces. We end up stopping in the road up just up the street from home, jumping out, putting pallet on ground and chuck running it over with the van with a resounding crunch a couple times. nice assortment of pieces now, perfect!

No mice, no power

Spoke too soon about nice unit with minor oddities and problems, the power went out to part of unit in middle of breakfast. Appliances still work. Bagel egg & bacon by LED headlamp.

Whistler arrival

OvernightEd at Seattle, breakfast Dos XX and complimentary hotel chocolate cookie. Drive north, hit Belingham REI, Fanatik. Border crossing took about an hour. bypassed downtown Vancouver, encountered some traffic on Hwy 1. Stop at Squamish and Tantalus bike shop.

arrive whistler and get to condo. The van is a tight fit outside. The condo is pimp. Rare case where the stated 8 person capacity is understated. If you were cramming it could easily fit 5 upstairs where each person would have a bed, sofa or cushion. Downstairs could fit 6 on beds. if you got into floor space there’s more! And no mice so far.

Dinner was Peak pie. Winding down with a Sleeman honey brown lager, kinda bland beer.

Labor Day trip

the summer bike trip begins. The Hawaiian air flight to Seattle uneventful. they still do a complimentary meal. Nothing to write about, but the steamed beans were surprisingly not a mushy bunch of green tubes.

gotta travel whith Ckucky, he scored his bike free, he scored a Ford Transit 12 passenger van, the hotel room is right by the elevator.

only drama so far has been Vince’s one day passport renewal. Time for a good morning beer and choco chip cookie!

New Gu – Big Apple

It’s good to have new flavors. While maintaining the tried in true, companies need to keep things moving too. And this flavor contains no caffeine unlike many of the other new flavors they have introduced. Apple juice was never my favorite flavor, but I don’t hate it either. Decades ago when PowerBar came out with their Apple Cinamon bar that quickly became my go to favorite at the time. So this gel kinda gets the lukewarm treatment from me. It’ll be another flavor to add to my selection, but it’s not my favorite. It’ll be one of the ones where I throw into the riding kit to break up monotony, but not one where I almost always have it as a selection on every ride.

2 out of 4 space food eating monkeys.

Duuude – Hemp Bars

New energy bars at McB, these prominently feature the word Hemp. In smaller print it states that it has no psychoactive properties. Further reading also reveals made in Hawaii. I guess the experimental farms that they worked hard to obtain permission yielded enough for these? Decided to buy one. I’m all for supporting locally sourced goods, but the bottom line is how are they? Busted it out on my past late solo Sunset Hills day. It was past noon and well into my ride at this point so I was wanting some nutrition. Package opened easily and what emerged was a glossy dark brown bar. Breaking off a piece was a rather sticky affair. The taste was too sweet, the texture too homogenous. I like Cliff bars and their Mojo bars for their more natural textures, I reserve the space food for gels and unnaturally colored sport drinks. The days of the original PowerBars are long over.

Verdict is Root no like. While it served its purpose and didn’t make me ill or want to spit it out, there was no enjoyment. If it did contain THC, then that might be a selling point, but no. 1 out 4 non-munchies monkeys.


It’s two for two days this heat index 100 weekend. HFD truck goes up street, followed by EMS, followed by Air 1. Waiting for the day there is two in one day. Oh, what’s that, I hear HFD truck deploying as I’m writing this. Ah, no, they’re heading the other way.

Cow Days

About a month late, today is a prime example of Doyo No Ushi No Hi. The unagi marketeering association would be happy. Today was so hot humid and oppressive that all my plans to go for a ride before the storms went to pot. I did nothing today. 8:30PM and it still is bad. I do think I’ll go down to Bubbies and get me some ice cream.