Beer Is Good – Sierra Nevada 2016 Summerfest

DSC_6293Current seasonal, pours clear bright yellow, medium head that dissipates. Citrus aroma, crisp hops with a bit of the bitter that comes on in the middle but does not linger. Followed by subtle grain. Light mouthfeel with fairly strong carbonation lives up to the labeling of a crisp lager.

This is an easy drinker and doesn’t seem too high ABV. Solid 3 out 4 summer monkeys.

More to Life than Beer?

contrary to what you might gather from the blog, I have been doing things other than drink beer, those are just easy to post. The past weeks I’ve been working on the rallycross FX. We’ve been approved for 4 additional events at Kualoa this year so that gave me incentive.

  First off, I discovered at last event that one of my Maxsport German retread rally tires developed a crack down to the steel belt. To be fair, as you can see, I’ve used them close to the end of their life anyway. We rallycrossers tend to run tires until they are seriously used up. Those who are fortunate to have access to pro rally teams will buy their cast of race tires as they have plenty of tread for us! So this time I ordered a new set of tires from Demontweaks in UK. They arrived at my door in less than a week, the wonders of the Net! Continue reading ‘More to Life than Beer?’

Beer Is Good – New Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale

P1060292Showing up at stores are beers from New Belgium. I think this is the only one that is not some iteration of an IPA. Pours clear medium amber with light head. Hop and roast malt aroma and bitterness, but not overwhelming. Nice grain finish. Medium mouthfeel.

Solid 3 of 4 fat monkeys.

$3 costs $500

Brake switch padI’m sure Risu has ranted about this Toyota part years ago. This is from the rally FX, which I’m sure is the same part # as Risu’s LandCruiser and every other Toyota in creation. Continue reading ‘$3 costs $500’

Beer Is Good – Ballast Point Longfin Lager

Does this mean if it’s NOT an IPA I’ll buy it? Almost. This pours a clear yellow with medium head that dissipates. Touch of mango in the aroma, but not too citrusy. The hops are there, but being in a can, no danger of light struck skunk. Bitterness of the hops carries through the middle, hint of grain, then a pretty clean finish. Light mouthfeel.

Perhaps a bit hops forward, but a pleasant beer. This makes it to 3 longfinned monkeys.

Beer Is Good – Ginga Kogen Beer

Saw this once before but was too scared to buy it. Why? It looks dangerously like a beer I had in Sapporo which ranked as such a suck beer that I could not finish it. There have been very few beers like that. So how is this one? Pours cloudy yellow with small head. Bit of citrus and hop aroma, touch of funk. A sweet and syrupy feel mitigated by carbonation. Small bitter lingers in the finish.

Can’t say I really like this beer, but it doesn’t totally suck. I could do without the skunk, then it would be a decent heffe. I’ll give it a 2 out 4 ginga monkeys.

Beer Is Good – Mt. Begbie Tall Timber Ale

The other selection from the Revelstoke’s brewery, Mt. Begbie, available in cans for easier transport. Pours a dark amber with small head. Fairly forward hops aroma, Dark roasted malt. Medium thick mouthfeel.

3 of 4 monkeys

Beer Is Good – Balast Point Pale Ale

Usually all you find at stores here from Balast Point are variations of IPAs so when I saw this pale labels as Kolsch style had to do it. Pours clear bright yellow, medium head. Fairly strong hop aroma, unfortunately this third bottle I’m having I think has suffered from light struck. I don’t recall the first two being as skunky and they also had a nice grain finish. How unfortunate, if I were to judge on this bottle I’d go with a 2 out 4 monkeys.

Beer Is Good – Mt. Begbie High Mountain Kolsch

Mt. Begbie is the craft brewery located in Revelstoke, and this is their kolsch. Pours clear bright yellow with moderate head. Moderate hops aroma, Clean crisp and dry. Ends with a very nice grainy finish.

Solid 3 bordering on 4 easy drinking monkeys

Beer Is Good – Sam Adams Chocolate Bock

From winter variety pack, pours opaque black with moderately strong head that dissipates. Chocolate and roast malt aroma. Surprisingly mellow bitter. Mediun mouthfeel, not as heavy as might be expected of a bock. Quite smooth really.

Solid 3 out 4 chocolatey monkeys