Monthly Archive for June, 2015

Beer Is Good – Worthy Brewing Lights Out Vanilla Cream Extra Stout

Foodland has been bringing in a few selections of Oregon brewery beers. This one is from Worthy Brewing and is a stout. Nice, IPAs have been all the beer fashion rage recently and darks seem to be scarce on the shelves. This pours extremely dark brown, practically black, with a medium head. There’s a good roast and peaty aroma. There is a decent bitter, but is not as high as some might expect. Being a cream stout, this has the addition of lactose which I am sure balances the bitter, in addition to helping it with the thicker creamy mouthfeel. The addition of vanilla I can not detect. If I try hard, I might say there’s a hint in the aroma, but I would never be able to tell if it wasn’t mentioned. This beer also takes kindly to warming up and seems to mellow and get sweeter as it warms. There isn’t a strong aftertaste aside from the lingering astringency.

Anyway, this is a solid stout, and at 7.7 ABV it packs a fair punch. 3 out 4 creamy monkeys.

Sierra Nevada – Kolsch

From the current summer variety pack, SN’s Kolsch, German style ale. Pours a clear light yellow with small head. Pretty strong hop aroma and bite. The bitter does eventually taper off and yield a bit of grain finish. Light, dry mouthfeel. A pretty decent beer, but it’s assertive hops makes it nicer if paired with an assertive food to counter.

It just makes 3 out 4 kolschy monkeys.