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Anime Briefs – Spring 2012

The spring season shows are now well on their way. Here’s our thoughts on some of them.

Uchuu Kyoudai (Space Brothers)

As kids, two brothers make a pact to become astronauts. As adults, one actually is an astronaut, while the older has found himself fired from his automobile engineer job. It becomes a chance for him to revist those aspirations and he finds himself going through the JAXA selection process. Streaming on CrunchyRoll. Continue reading ‘Anime Briefs – Spring 2012’


Is there some new addition to the HRS that I haven’t heard of?  I think it’s an intentional falsehood meant to freak people out.  I’m sure if a law regulating this actually passed, the news media would have been abuzz about it for at least a week.  In any case, hasn’t the danger of phone/gas pump interactions has been thoroughly debunked, the most familiar example being by Mythbusters?  Of course, I took the picture with my phone while filling gas!

Remedial Classes Required

Saw the vanity plate, “BF8FUL”.  I’m fairly certain this individual is of the evangelical, new-fashion religious variety (“be faithful”) and not the meat-loving variety (“beef ate full”).  Too bad he or she doesn’t have a full command of English, since the plate reads “be fateful” and not “be faithful”.  There’s a big difference there (hint: go check a dictionary).  Maybe this is one of the friends of the “discreet”/”discrete” guys…


Akimune-an Strawberry Cream Cheese Taiyaki

I half expected going into this one to immediately have to shout, “Uuhhh~! What the hell is this krapp!” I was thankfully surprised. The flavors were subtle and the strawberry flavor did not taste artificial. The cream cheese filling was only slightly sweetened. Biting into the taiyaki, it appeared to be somewhat deflated and borderline hollow and underfilled, but I guess that’s the consequence of a softer filling – a firmer filling like anko would resist being squeezed down and the batter would instead be displaced out of the finite mold space. Although a little volumetrically challenged, the taste was very good. I’ll get another next week if I go by the mall. Continue reading ‘Akimune-an Strawberry Cream Cheese Taiyaki’

Akimune-an Sweet Potato Taiyaki

The rotating seasonal flavor last week was purple (Satsuma-imo) sweet potato flavor. In fact it had been the “two weeks only” special flavor for over three weeks now, much to my disappointment. I didn’t really rush posting this because it was so underwhelming. I’d easily go for the standard anko over the sweet potato any day. It was better than the chocolate crème though! Continue reading ‘Akimune-an Sweet Potato Taiyaki’

RallyX – no sucky

Saturday after a long break, had the SCCA RallyCross out at KRP. As always, insane fun! The space we had to work with was drastically cut, but we made do with what we had.

Here’s one on car view of one of my runs:

It sounds pretty good run like this, I like! The new CV shafts held up, looks like the main nut also at the bearing stayed tight. Only big problem I had was the generic made in Chine silicone hose on my intake failed. Duct tape to the rescue! I’ll have to find some real hose and fab up a good mounting bracket. The little FX that can is a contender here, with some good driving I know it can place in the top. Only major tweaking that would be nice is if I could find a set of the mythical TRD FX rally springs and some good struts to go with them.



Saw a block-and-long-U-bolt lifted F250 pickup with four super-expensive external-reservoir Fox Racing Shox dampers across the back axle. Too bad the outer two were at the inboard 1/3rd distance stock Ford locations where they do little to moderate roll, and the other two were installed on either side of the differential housing. WTF?!?! The money would have been better spent on a real off-road coil-and-4-bar rear suspension and TWO Fox dampers.



…and if the Formosan koa doesn’t get you, the broad-leaf paperbark (melaleuca quinquenervia) will. Those are firing now too.


Yellow Peril

It’s allergy time again.  Island-wide, the Formosan koa (acacia confusa) have set their pollen-laden yellow puffball flowers. Fun! H-2 is definitely “allergy alley”: Where there isn’t albizia growing, there is Formosan koa deliberately planted.


Sport Not

A note to the girl with the giant Kardashian-wannabe sunglasses who while trying to tailgate me on the LikeLike onramp in her 9th-gen Civic sedan went sliding into the outside curb in full-lock understeer on dry pavement – your salesman lied to you when he told you that the Honda Civic is a sports car.  …oh, and guess what?  I wasn’t even out of second gear!