Monthly Archive for February, 2016

The stoke

We keep being told by the locals that it really nornally the isnt this crowded. Yesterday we again experienced a massive line at the lift. Seems kids were out of school and the road to the east was closed due to the snow over last night trapping some people here until midday. Once we got out of the lines though, we found stashes of uridden in the trees all day So it was a good day.

today will be transit and tourist day.

Snow Gnome

The Revelstoke Snow Gnome webcam shows an honest 11 cm overnight! Looks like today is the day of this trip. Forecast for the rest of the week is nothing today then some snow but rising freezing levels. It’s is also a non-holiday weekday, it ends up that our Presidents Day was Canadas Family Day, a National holiday. Hopefully that explains the massive queue lines we experienced Sunday and yesterday.  That would be one of the few negative experienced here so far, but we think it is not representative of a more typical day here. Continue reading ‘Snow Gnome’


Arrived Saturday to an overcast Vancouver, picked up rental RAV4 (winter tires an additional $25 a day? Ouch!) Road trip to Revelstoke did become challenging after sundown with rain and fog. Did eventually make it safely.

Tired after a day of pretty fun riding thie Tuesday, will try to update more details later. Tonight is forecast for a decent amount of snow up on the mountain, so tomorrow may be the best day. Also being a weekeday and non holiday, it hopefully will not be crowded.