Monthly Archive for July, 2008

Rained Out

It was a little cloudy when I got home yesterday, but I figured I could get a ride in before anything happened.  Going up the road to WCC, there was a hot wind blowing me up the street.  It was like someone following me with a blow dryer.  I managed to get in a few laps before the first hint of the smell of rain reached my nose and the first hard drops stung my skin.  I beat a hasty retreat home and just did some weights after putting the bike away.

D = 12.06 km (7.49-miles), Vavr = 20.4 km/h (12.7 mph), Vmax = 39.2 km/h (24.4 mph), T = 35-minutes

Mountain Dew Voltage

Doo VoltageFinally had the last temporary Mountain Dew flavor, the darker blue “Voltage”. The label calls the flavor “raspberry/citrus”. It’s about the same sweetness as “Revolution”, so it is sweeter than “Supernova”. The raspberry flavor is the predominant one, but that is more a smell than taste thing. If you pinch your nose, the citrus comes out more. There is less of that chemical aftertaste than “Supernova”. Not bad. Better than “Revolution”? Hmm… Definitely better than “Supernova”. I’d probably pick this one as my favorite of the three if pressed to choose one. It is the most “Dew-like” since it has a citrus base flavor. Between this and a regular Dew, I’d take the real Dew!

Recommended with reservations

Progression Regression

Monday morning and throughout the day has been drizzling in the mountains, with rainclouds rolling in late in the day. The Saint Louis evening DH has been called off and instead the decision is made to hit the Koko Head dirt jumps. Rolling into the parking lot at a quarter to six, it’s still full sun and the lot has quite a few cars, but the track is deserted. All hikers doing the Koko Head tram trail. I had hoped the spotty past rains might have dampened the track a little, no such luck. It was bone dry except for one spot on the backside step-up where someone had watered the jump. Continue reading ‘Progression Regression’

Good Samaritan Ride

Demon trailThe crew met up for a Sunday afternoon ride. The weather was partially overcast and hot out at the Ditch. Earlier in the week, the showers that have been persisting for the past few weeks made the prospect for a weekend ride a little iffy, but toward Friday, it cleared up a little. Friday afternoon on the windward side was clear, and Saturday was blazing hot. Sunday morning was cloudy, but as midday approached, the clouds thinned as the wind picked up. Continue reading ‘Good Samaritan Ride’

Solitary Spin

Sunny Friday = time to ride

No unruly herd of entropy riders to deal with – Just me, smiley security guard, and 3 strollers. Fun in the afternoon!

D = 20.23 km (12.57-miles), Vavr = 20.8 km/h (12.9 mph), Vmax = 40.4 km/h (25.1 mph), T = 58-minutes

Oakley Ballistic 3.7 MTB Shorts

Got a pair of closeout Oakley shorts from last week. They were cheap at $45 USD including shipping, so I gave them a shot. They were that hideous yellow-green color, which to me was a plus. These have a separate liner and outer short held together with buttons and elastic loops. The liner is meshy with a one-piece 3D stretch anti-microbial chamois. As discovered during my first ride wearing these, the chamois is thin and not particularly comfortable. Continue reading ‘Oakley Ballistic 3.7 MTB Shorts’

Mountain Dew Supernova

Doo SupernovaTried the next temporary Mountain Dew flavor, the purple “Supernova”. Supposedly is “strawberry/melon” flavor. It’s not as sweet as “Revolution”. There is a muted strawberry soda taste, but the melon part gets lost. Like cheap store-brand strawberry or grape soda, it leaves a bitter chemical aftertaste in the back of the throat. Again, a lot of the experience is olfactory and not taste (pinch your nose and take a sip – you’ll see what I mean). Not bad, but not as good as Revolution, and it still isn’t Dew. One more flavor to go!

Recommended with reservations

I finished up some stuff to upload today, but it’s all bright and sunny on the H3 cameras, so I’m ditching town-side and am going for a ride!


Sketchy Ride

“Would our cars still be there when we got back?” I wondered briefly as Ckucke and I bade the three Bud-chugging fellows at the trailhead farewell and headed toward the gate. They had parked their Ford Explorer and busted out the lawn chairs and started a little parking lot party. They were talkative and made eye contact, so from the criminal profiling standpoint, there was a lower chance that they meant to perpetrate a property crime on us. Regardless, as we climbed over the logs, an HPD cruiser came up the street and the gentlemen quickly packed up and took off. Some of the people up the street at the puppy buddy’s house were standing outside, one with a phone in hand. Apparently, something about the three men set off their neighborhood watch radar – maybe their loud conversation, their beer drinking, or their loud music – and they alerted the gendarmerie. Up until that moment, I’d never seen a police blue-and-white patrolling in Waimanalo! Continue reading ‘Sketchy Ride’

Mountain Dew Revolution

Doo RevolutionGot thirsty at arubaito. Tried the new blue Mountain Dew. It’s the lighter blue one of the current three temporary flavors. Supposedly is “wild berry” flavor. It’s sweet and full of artificial berry goodness. A lot of the experience is olfactory and not taste. Not bad, but it isn’t Dew (and by that I don’t mean the same “isn’t Dew” as Canadian Mountain Dew either). The other two flavors are “Supernova” (purple, strawberry/melon flavor) and “Voltage” (Windex blue, raspberry/citrus flavor).

Recommended with reservations