Monthly Archive for September, 2016

Beer Is Good – Kizakura White Yuzu

p1060702New at Marukai, looks like they are importing this Kyoto craft brew that Dave earlier reviewed. Pours a cloudy medium yellow with moderate head. Doing the swirl with last quarter of pour churns up some pretty chunky bits. Despite the name, mild initial aroma, citrus and hop. Even bitter that fades to a nice grain finish.

A good example of a Weiss.

4 of 4 white monkets

Angry Mongols

after all these years of visiting Whistler Blackcomb, I finally ate at Mongolie Grill. I guess before you make a judgement, you have to try it. My judgement is I do not need to go back. It’s not awful. Let me take a step back and describe it. You pick out your own ingredients from a self serve salad bar type layout. Selection of noodles vegetables and meats. Ladle on a sauce. Then take it to cooks manning a giant grill where they stir fry your selections while you watch. They occasionally will entertain with some teppanyaki style juggling and food tossing. You are charged by weight, which quickly adds up. In fact, this meal ended up being my most expensive meal in Whistler!  So not worth it. In fact, Build Your Own Bowl that just opened in Hawaii Kai does the same thing but Ina casual dinning setting for $10 a bowl that tastes almost as good. True it doesn’t have sockeye salmon, scallops or ribeye, but then it doesn’t cost $35 either.

2 out 4 Mongolian Monkeys, the value isn’t there.

Good Morning Beer

 Getting ready to leave Whistler, gotta finish the beer!

Final ride

Final day was a iffy weather day so we decided to stay in the Whistler area instead going down to Squamish like we wanted. Rode Deliniator, Sh!t happens, Big Kahuna and back. Weather turned out ok, overcast no rain. Trail pretty technical, a few rock slabs, fun but I was totally tapped on the way back and riding in survival mode. No amount of bars and energy gels was doing any good.

Top of the World Day

Nice weather, waiting to head up to Top of the World.

Ride? Day secen

Weather clearing today, overcast patches of blue sky, not actively raining. K-man is on the way, getting ready to go meet him in village.

The plan was an easy Lost Lake warmup. We did Cut Yer Bars, which turned out to be pretty challenging, then came back Through Lost Lakes.

Ride day six

 Another wet day, spent morning cleaning drivetrain of the serious grit accumulated over the past two days. Rain eased in afternoon and we headed out to ride Rockwork Orange, Korova Milk Bar, Wizards Burial Ground. It’s preceded by a horrible gravel climb, but the trio of technical descents are worth it to us.  A couple scuffs and scratches, but everyone survived intact. Ckuckey pulled off cleaning the double black diamond section on Wizard’s too!

Old Fart Wrenching

it seems like chainring spacers are some kind of mystical vintage part. I’ve asked at almost every shop in whistler with a service department. Quite a few didn’t even know what it was and couldn’t comprehend what I wanted to do. Finally found some at Fanatyk Co but only ancient crusty mechanics know about these and they have poor eyesight or something. I asked for 3mm and he even used a ruler, he scrounged up 4mms.


Riding Day 4

 the Kevinator and significant other arrived yesterday, we met up with them mid morning for breakfast at Wildwood now located below Crystal Lodge. Good breakfast then we headed over to get him a rental bike. After dropping them off at their hotel, we took a trip to Creekside and took a little walk. Grabbed some crumpets and local strawberries that was not available at whistler market. Also a chicken samosa for a pre-ride snack as it was nearing noon. 

We picked up Kev on way back to home base, ate our snacks, then suited up to ride Lost Lakes. The skies were ominous, I’d seen some rain heading our way on radar. It was a little chilly riding out but once you worked up some steam it was fine. The rain had reached us, but it never got serious, and the ground here is amazing. Granite rock and cindery dirt give amazing traction even when wet, only the tree roots get really slippery. It was a good ride, although Nekkid-man suffered from a pedal falling of and his rear rotors also threatening to come off. We did help a pair of London ladies put back a crank arm that came off. Hopefully they made it out in good spirits and earned us some karma points. 

“Inspired by Canada”

Found at Creekside grocery store, Lay’s Bacon Poutine potato chips, “simulated flavour.” These sounded more appealing than the Szechuan BO chips. Thy are salty and have a suggestion of gravy flavour, ingredient do not list any bacon. It doesn’t really taste like poutine, but they aren’t terrible either, I’ll eat these.