Monthly Archive for July, 2013


So much for all the doom and gloom, here at home the tropical storm Flossie is now a depression, and is causing some showers. The wind has actually died down and its just icky. Seeing some flashes of lightning. We had heavier rains a few weeks ago. Oh, a little rumble, and a little more rain just started.  I hear there’s another system developing in the same area, it’s Gil! Que screechy flute and wrestling shoed minions, dark! Dark!


Sucking Wind at the Summit

Even with tropical storm Flossie approaching, the forecast called for hot, sunny days this weekend, so even though it was clouded in on Sunday morning, we chanced a ride out at Royal Summit. It was ripping hot, but there was a good breeze going, so we didn’t die immediately from the heat. We did die later from the climbs, as we were instantly reminded why we usually tackle this area as a loop from the Wailuna side – the climbs at Royal Summit suck! My complete lack of conditioning became readily apparent as I dropped off the back. Definitely have to get more secret training time in before the next trail ride. We went up to the end of the doubletrack then snaked our way back down via the siding singletrack fun runs. There was a lot of daylight, so we sessioned a couple of sections until we ran out of juice and headed back out. We mistakenly went down into the airsoft area. We’ve done that before, and it sucked as much this time around. Continue reading ‘Sucking Wind at the Summit’


Signs down the street, my guess is HI-50 is filming at Koko Head park. Heck, wait until this weekend and I bet they can film a HFD helicopter rescue for free!


Shake and Break

After replacing the eight mangled spokes on my rear wheel on Tuesday, I went for a spin today to test out the rebuild. After some hard climbing and purposely hard landings, the wheel was still true, so I guess everything is fine. There was one inside drive-side spoke that was a little stretched that was bugging me, but since the wheel is still round, I won’t mess with it. On the way back, I accidentally found a mud bog in the park and ended up getting muddier than I have on any of the past several rides!

D = 9.32 km (5.79-miles), Vavr = 16.6 km/h (10.3-mph), Vmax = 34.6 km/h (21.5-mph), T = 33-minutes

Go/No Go/Go!

All week we had been planning a dirt ride, but at the last moment, Chris remembered he was on the schedule for his part-time fun job on Sunday, so the ride evaporated. When he got there, what he had to do was cancelled, so the ride was back on! Luckily I had gotten my kit together on Saturday in anticipation of the ride, so when the Minuteman-like call to arms came, all I really had to do was fill my hydration reservoir and mix my endurox. Continue reading ‘Go/No Go/Go!’

Das Beste oder nichts!

Mercedes Benz GLK dealer shuttle broken down in front of Servco Lexus – you can’t buy advertising like that!


Shima togarashi

Forgot to mention, last week at Marukai they had a Okinawa food thing going. Among the items was this, Shima Togarashi. Ingredients list on English label is chili pepper and sake lees. Haven’t had a chance to try it yet, dunno how close it is to the togarshi awamori.

Mister Entitlement

Mister Entitlement leans back in his chair, sliding his butt down to the edge of the seat and extending his feet out at 45-degrees and splaying his elbows out to the sides as he flips the imaginary pages on his e-reader, trying to take up as much of the physician’s office waiting room as possible by himself.

“if you call for an appointment, they have a legal obligation to see you,” he grumbles to his significant other (or babysitter – couldn’t really tell which she was).

He has an appointment, so he is entitled to occupy as much territory in the office as he feels is rightfully owed him!

Ass-Hat in a Cup

What kind of a dick parks his Nissan Altima in front of the Lion Coffee Cafe’s parking garage entrance so nobody can get in?  A guy with a refillable holiday edition Starbucks cup!


Less Camry

The mid-cycle refresh on the current 9th-generation Civic (FB) makes is look a lot less like a 5th-generation Toyota Camry (XV30) from behind.