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Super GoPro Mount Plus

In my review of the Bell Super all mountain helmet I mentioned how the GoPro accessory mount is a bit weak. The black parts in this pic are the stock Bell part. The little Velcro tab is all that keeps it attached. The underside of the black plastic is molded in the shape of the vent hole that it fits in so that keeps it from wiggling too much, but you can only get so much tension from the Velcro. When I put the anko extension on the GoPro it got seriously wiggly. My solution was to make a plate that goes on the inside of the helmet and use bolts to retain the mount. I used the PVC plastic sheet that I have a pile left over, cut it to shape, and heated it with the heat gun and formed it into the helmet. I then drilled holes to take a nylon screw and nut, I really didn’t savor the idea of metal screws pointed straight at my forehead. I had to grind a little on the center tab to fit the nut in there, but it seems to work well. Now I just have to work out some kind of a bumper to hold up the extension arm, other wise the camera ends up drooping into my face.

Bell Super

My Fox Flux was getting a bit long in the tooth. It still looked in good shape although the visor was long gone somewhere on the Tantalus road, but it’s been a few years so it was time to look at a replacement. Arriving on the scene is the new Bell Super “all-mountain” helmet. AM, what is it? Extreme XC, pansy DH? Anyway, what distinguishes this helmet and most “AM” helmets is the supposed increased covereage for more of the head, mainly the back, without being a full head helmet. The Super also features a pretty prominent visor which can be replaced with goggle hooks and additional venting at the brow area to further aid the use of goggles with this helmet. And in keeping with current trends, it also features an accessory GoPro mount  that can be popped into the front vent. Has a rear retenion dial system. Uses microshell construction to keep weight down, anti-microbial pads to keep the funk down.

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Beer Is Good – Samuel Adams Cold Snap

This Sam Adams seasonal is a white ale, pours a cloudy yellow with small head. Definite citrus aroma followed with subtler spices. Clean, crisp, just a little bitterness that doesn’t linger and a nutty aftertaste that creeps in as a late pleasant surprise. Moderate mouth feel. Very drinkable and the spicing quite light, can go with food. That nut finish is the crowning touch that does it for me.

3.5 out 4 seasonal monkeys.

Xmas Folly?

It’s a holiday, everyone is occupied with one or another thing, our rides earlier in the week got rained out, so after lunch I hopped on the Yeti for a spin. I packed the medium photo gear and tripod and headed out to my usual area between Hanauma Bay and Lanai Lookout. Bay was closed. Sat on the flat rock I usually do and hung out. Winds were trades and was blowing briskly over the point. Waves weren’t very big, but the winds were kicking up some chop. Conditions weren’t as good as the past couple times for spotting whales, and I didn’t see anything. Got on the bike, rode through the glass field down the ridge toward the mouth of the bay. I did spot a kame-chan popping it’s little head out of the water near the rock face below. By the time I got the camera out it had disappeared underwater. Oh well.

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Geico bao

The heck flavor is that bao sitting in this box from Chun Wah Kam noodle factory?!

Not Even Phonetic

Horrible!  I cringe, sensibilities offended, every time I hear Andou Yuuko’s rendition of Aloha ‘Oe.  I have no idea what went wrong, but she’s pronouncing it “aloha o-wee” instead of “aloha oy“.  It’s not like the “oy” sound doesn’t exist in Nihongo (“oi”), and I hope it’s not like she never heard the song performed in its native ‘olelo Hawai’i previous to doing her recording.  I could almost imagine the producer or whoever did the lyric translation saying, “sing it o-wee… why? Because I said so,” like how native English speakers who do bit parts on Japanese movies have to read the script verbatim no matter how gramatically wrong the lines are.  We can’t really blame her though, until Americans learn to say “Tokyo” with less than three syllables.  I think this is a theme song for a current movie or drama…


Of course it downpours the Sunday that everyone is available to ride, for barely three hours. To add insult, it clears in the afternoon to beautiful skies, but we know the trails are a soggy muddy mess.



Saturday decided to go for a ride since the weather predictions were for dire rains to come through soon. Haven’t been up to the Lanai lookout area this year so decided to take the Yeti there. Weather was actually nice, too hot for December though. As soon as I got to the point where I usually first stop, spotted spout out toward Bamboo Ridge. Soon became apparent it was two, most likely a mother and youngster. They were moving right along so I rode further down the ridge closer to the water. They didn’t do much though as they passed. Then shortly after was surprised by a breach going in the opposite direction. It was close enough that I could hear the splash! Unfortunately since it was so early in the season I didn’t bother bringing the big camera, just had my little point and shoot so this is the best I could do. Luckily this whale wasn’t a one hit wonder and repeatedly breached. Continue reading ‘Arr!’


Of course the weekend is epic weather when no one’s available to ride and I hurt my hand.