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Beer is Good – Sam Adams White Christmas

Season from their winter variety pack. Pours a cloudy bright yellow, small head. Citrus aroma with the spice presence, but unidentifiable. Fair amount of astringent without a lingering bitter, hint of grain in the finish. Medium mouthfeel.

Pretty nice winter wheat. 3 out 4 wheat monekys.

Not yet undead

Ok, added a gallon of gas, full charge on battery, reconnected the cut AFM wire. Cranked it over and it ran better for a hair longer, long enough to hear the awful clanking noises from then engine. Sounds like the bottom end of this engine is toast. My thought are bearing(s) have gone. The top end is working enough to get compression and to run, but the bearings are toast and causing grindage on the crank where it doesn’t want to turn. I’m not sure why it dies when I try to give it throttle though. I suppose to confirm I should pop the spark plugs and try turning the crank by hand to feel it.

Beer Is Good – Sam Adams Old Fezziwig

From Winter variety pack, Old Fezziwig Ale, pours a deep amber, medium small head. Not a very strong aroma, hint of the roasted malt. The roasted malt carried over into the flavor. It’s a spiced beer, but it is very subtle with it, if I didn’t read it, I would never have guessed. There is a little warmth, but I would have attributed it to alcohol, although at 5.9% ABV this beer isn’t particularly high. It’s pretty crisp, the carbonation and medium bitterness middle giving it that and then the finish has a medium mouthfeel.

A pleasant beer. 3 out 4 winter monkeys.

It Lives?

After ignoring the Celica All-Trac in the garage for months, I finally spent the day messing with it. My earlier cursory looks at it determined that the engine would spin and show compression, albeit reluctantly with a weak battery. I did not see the engine check light come on though so I was suspecting an electrical problem with the ECU. So today I took the dash apart. There was a bit of a mess from the stereo install, alarm install, engine fan switch, and turbo timer. Wait, what’s these dangling connectors? It wasn’t plugged in. I removed the turbo timer thingy and plugged the connector into its OEM connector. I then started taking measurements at the ECU. It was receiving power, odd. The check light was not working though. No continuity from the ECU to the fuse. I pulled the instrument cluster. WTF, there’s no bulb?! Continue reading ‘It Lives?’

New Year HFD

Hm, just heard HFD truck go up street, first Koko Crater rescue of the year maybe?

Cold Front

Well now, this cold front that is moving through Oahu right now is giving us more radical weather than anything all those hurricane warnings gave us a couple months ago. The wind is whipping around like crazy and heavy rain is falling. I fully expect to lose power at any moment. There’s been a few flickers so far. We had dinner, washed the dishes, let a wet Musubi cat in. I’ll go take a shower while the lights are on and pour me a imperial stout after. I can enjoy that in the dark. Hope this is short lived and lifts by tomorrow morning as the rally cross family is doing a cleanup/site inspection tomorrow at our new test site on Sand Island.

Damn Ninja

Was at Ninjaya picking up oshougatsu stuff and true to name, some ninja must have been sneaking around and put this in my shopping basket. I’m not sure how to use it. Do you sneak around when someone’s cooking, then bam, your foods seasoned without you knowing?

56th Kohaku Uta Gassen

The annual Japan red & white festival is airing locally now. My fav site for Japan TV online no longer has the files section so I don’t have a convient online source for it. As such and since Risu is under the weather, guess I’ll be commenting and doing this the old fashioned way through broadcast TV. As such, comments may not be as detailed and will prob miss a bunch of performers since I’ve already missed the first twenty minutes missing a bunch of the youth oriented groups and will eating dinner soon. Unfortunately missed HKT48 opening the show with their can’t help thinking naughty thoughts lyriced Melon Juice.  The staging looks fairly pared down again this year.

Continue reading ’56th Kohaku Uta Gassen’


Well, 2014 has come and gone. Got lazy this morning, it’s nice & chilly, and took the hatsuhinode pic from the house.

Hasn’t been a particularly bad or good year. The bike trip to Whistler was a lot of fun.

The traffic wrapping up the year was not fun. The last two months I’ve used my horn more than I have my entire life, really.

Sad to see our venue for RallyCross close down, but the writing was on the wall. KRP owners were pretty unwise. But with the new year, we have the possibility of a new one opening up, test run is next week!