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September Patches

I’ve been slacking a bit on this.  I picked these up from Dave at Mojo Tactical earlier this month.  I wonder if they have something for the .338 Lapua Magnum and .50 BMG crowd?

Lost Irony

I bet the irony of a catchphrase coined by white Australians to denigrate Australians of Middle-Eastern ancestry being used by a “local” against mainland visitors is totally lost on the owner of this sticker.  It’s amusing that although it pains him that mainlanders from the CONUS come to Hawai’i to “steal his surf”, his Nissan Pathfinder is nonetheless plastered with large stickers advertising for a mainland company from Hood River, Oregon with a pidgin English name, and a Costa Mesa, California company with a faceted jewel-like logo.  If he really hates everything post-Cook so much, he better ditch his Japanese car and Chinese surf trunks and get himself a homegrown Koa surfboard… and learn ‘olelo Hawai’i while he’s at it. Continue reading ‘Lost Irony’

SureFire Fury First Impressions

I’m not going to even attempt to do a full-on test and evaluation on this light because I don’t have the necessary equipment to measure and compare the light output and spectra, and I bought it with my own money, so I don’t want to break it or get it all dinged up doing destructive/failure tests. All the important facts and figures are available online, so I won’t reiterate them here. That said, here we go. Continue reading ‘SureFire Fury First Impressions’

HUOA HOC Autumn Dance Matsuri

Okay, this is a couple of weeks late, but I dropped by the Waipio Hawaii Okinawa Center on Saturday the 15th with Mitch to see what is usually the last Obon-related event of the year. Most of the usual suspects were there (I didn’t see Alison), and Root and Ckucke made it by too. Here are a few pictures. Root was waiting for an anime-style fight with the nun busting out some mystical sacred weapon. Had two pieces of some very ordinary shoyu chicken and an orange soda for $7 USD. Ouch! Continue reading ‘HUOA HOC Autumn Dance Matsuri’

Sasa Dango

Picked these up from Shirokiya a few weeks back (and ate them immediately) during some product fair or another, so if you go by now, you won’t find them anymore – you’ll have to wait until next year. The packaging only says “sasa dango”, “yomogi mochi, tsubu-an,” and “ this is an unpreserved product – please keep refrigerated,” and I wasn’t paying close attention to the display at the kiosk, so I don’t know the brand or manufacturer. Knowing how the Shirokiya food festivals go, it was probably someone famous. Oh well. Continue reading ‘Sasa Dango’

Wrong Demographic

I wonder what demographic I outwardly represent.  There were some political canvassers in the neighborhood this afternoon, and they gingerly avoided me while I changed the oil in my car.  They were yelling loudly and knocking on the doors of other homes, although few answered.  It’s like they were more comfortable leaving flyers rubber-banded to doorknobs than actually talking to people.


Made in China – #2 Phillips Insert Bits

Is there such a thing as a #2 Phillips insert bit that isn’t made in the PRC anymore?  I still have to check at City Mill and as a last resort Home Despot, but all Sears had were from China, both Craftsman and DeWalt branded ones (they probably all come from the same slave-labor camp).  The only thing they had that was not from the PRC in that section were Posidriv bit sets, but those are probably ancient stock, as nobody uses freak bits like those (or 8-point sockets).


Bad CG SH-3

Really?  HVT transport armored car gets grabbed by a mystery Sea King helo with a giant, dangling claw and NOBODY even mentions trying to track down a helicopter with a giant claw?  Anybody?  Giant claw?  Can you charter that?  Now if it was the classic HI5-0 and it was the PRC agent Wo Fat, then maybe the resources of the party could be brought to bear, but if it’s just the local crime boss busting him loose, how’d he mange to rent such an expensive bird and contract someone to fabricate the giant truck-grappling claw?  Not sure what the GVW is on a big armored car like that, but the maximum payload for a SH-3 is between 8,000 and 10,000 pounds.  I’m kind-of thinking they didn’t get the right helicopter for the job.  In any case, I’m glad HI5-0 is back for season three!


Customer Disservice – Teddy’s Bigger Burgers, Mo’ili’ili

Thanks, Teddy’s in Mo’ili’ili.  “Fish and Chips” without the fries is just “fish”.  Should have known they’d screw up the order when the counter person asked if I’d like fries with my fish and chips.  Hello?!?!  Angry Ckucke is going to get our $2.49 USD plus tax back.


Car Crazy

Saturday was the first race of what is the third season of RallyCross. Three? Wow! Anyway, they’re doing a bunch of work at KRP and us being the orphan racing event that kinda gets ignored by the track owners, we don’t pull in spectators after all, we got stuck into  a small space. We made the best of what we could and it was a fun day. The back corner however was uncompacted and soft. It quickly turned into a rutted moondust silt fest mixed with rocks and mini-boulders.  One of my first runs I managed to do this number to the front driver side rim. Didn’t blow the bead though. After the morning heat, I rotated it to the rear and aired up the tire. It held for the rest of the day.

Continue reading ‘Car Crazy’