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Beer Is Good – Ozeno Yukidoke White Weissen

Newly discovered at Marukai from Ozeno Yukidoke brewery in Gunma. Previous offering was an IPA, not my favorite style, but a weissen? Now you’re talking! Pours a cloudy yellow with moderate head. Some floral and spice aroma, fans of Hoegarten will like this. There is a fair amount of lingering bitter. A medium mouthfeel. . Initially I wasn’t sure how much I liked it with the fairly strong floral and bitter, but It seems to mellow as it warms and I think I like it better as it goes along!

3 out of 4 Weiss monkeys.

But What Does It Look LIke?

“Seiro-mushi – only the taste and flavor is preserved.”  What, at the expense of appearance, form, and texture?


Can’t End Well

Saturn Ion going about 75 up Ka’ahumanu weaving in and out of traffic, running the red at Moanalua.  This can’t end well.


More 2013 Spring Anime

More current season anime!

Watashi ga Motenai no wa dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui! “WataMote” (No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Not Popular!) – this one is about a “mojou” or unpopular girl. In addition to being a fujyoshi otaku girl, she is completely socially dysfunctional, delusional, and creepy. There’s nothing remotely cute or moe about her. I can’t say I like the artwork. The backgrounds are middle-of-the-road with a lot of pentagonal/hexagonal lighting accents that look like American animation backgrounds. The character animation is fairly well executed. The whole story is just so sad and disturbing. It would seem that she actually needs some professional mental health attention, so it’s difficult to enjoy something that is making jokes at the expense of a character suffering from a psychological condition. I’m not saying that from a political correctness standpoint: I just find it unfunny. That being said, I guess this is the “train wreck” property this season, where I don’t really like it, but since I can’t obviously see where the story will wind up, I’ll keep watching to the end.  C

root – Its rather painful to watch, unfunny psychosis. I guess it’s suppose to take insecurities that everyperson experiences at some time and taken to extremes. Any chuckles that come are rather uneasy. I think the only thing I really like is that the opening theme music is angry, not that often heard in anime themes. C Continue reading ‘More 2013 Spring Anime’

Hi5-0 2013 August 27

They’re back at Kuakini.


Rocking, for Now

Wonder how many albums it will take the producers, manager, and label to ruin Scandal like they did Aikawa Nanase and the Nakanomori Band?


Maui Das Y

Few weeks ago I was sent to Maui on a job. Although a weekend, thankfully this one started late so I didn’t have to catch the plane until 10:00. Flight uneventful, rental car supposed to be a Sentra, counter lady upgraded me to a Chrysler 200. A Chrysler 200 covered in poop. Chicken poop. Gate person said I could take it back and have them wash it again. Seems they have a problem with chickens roosting in the trees of their lot. I said never mind, I’ll just take it. Took it upon myself to later get rid of the most offending poop on the driver door handle. The 200 is itself a ok car, typical overboosted steering feel. Control layout easy to work, thankfully touchscreen only deals with audio. Unfortunately functions disabled so I couldn’t load a bunch of weird music onto the HD.

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HI5-0 2013 August 26

HI5-0 at Kuakini today. Wonder who the victim will be?


Unpoopy Cat

Last week I had to take our cat to the vet. Not sure if it qualifies as another of her lives, it potentially could have been if left untreated. She hadn’t been eating much if anything for a few days. It turns out she was suffering from a severe case of the stuckies and it wasn’t going to fix itself. Poor kitty had to take it IDB to get things going again. She stayed at the vets for a couple days. She’s home now and doing well. I’ve told dad to not give her too much dry food, she’s had only wet for now.

Beer Is Good – Sierra Nevada 2013 Summerfest

Pours bright yellow with weak head. Strong floral aroma and bitter. Touch of citrusy brightness, but I don’t really detect citrus taste. Not a whole lot of other deep flavors. With just the strong hops, I can’t say I really like this by itself. It’s not skunky so it doesn’t totally turn me off, I’d drink it with some pupus.

2.5 out of 4 pils style monkeys.