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Beyond Dandy

20130228-085620.jpgthe pretty boy thing in Japan seems to be growing pretty strong. There’s been more than a few times where I’ve been wondering, was that a dude or a chick?
If Roy were living in Japan, is this him?

Kun Kun Kun!

Yesterday was shopping day. Visited Yodobashi & Bic cameras. Japan seems to be big on ions, ion air cleaner like in our room, ion ray gun hair dryer in our bathroom, ion flat screen. Found an awesome kids picture book for J, I’d read it to my kids if I ever had any, “Fun Fun Fu—n!”
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Beer is Good – Yebisu Kaorihanayagu (Joel Robuchon)

I can forgive Yebisu from teaming up with a Frenchman instead of a German for a collaboration beer, since this is so wonderful. I didn’t really read the full version that carefully on their website, but using French barley from the Champagne region and premium New Zealand hops from the wine producing Nelson region, Yebisu with brewmaster Joel Robuchon aimed to produce a “champagne of beers”. The heavier carbonation definitely evokes champagne, but if you didn’t know all the backstory, all you would think is that this is a rich, full-flavored beer with a bitter bent. The decoction is strong, so the medium-dark malt color and flavor definitely comes through. The hops are more on the bittering side, but there is still a hint of flowery. There is nothing defining whether this is an ale or lager, but I’d venture a guess that it’s a lager.



Yesterday was spent pounding the pow that had fallen overnight. Primo conditions, although we got stuck in a junk spot that took a lot of work to get through. Was an awesome day of riding.
Derek and I found a Bikkuri Donkey in the underground by Odori. Was quite good hamburger steak stuff.
The riding was so good that I have no pictures and by the time we got back was so tuckered out that quickly passed out.
Today is going to be a rest day, no significant new snofall.


Yesterday was spent wandering around town. Tokyu Hands really does sell everything. Lunch was okonomiyaki place on Kitsune Dori, didn’t create too much of a disaster trying to figure out how to do the yakisoba on the teppan at the table.

The hotel is nice, it’s one of the older ones but has been recently renovated. Service is Japan good of course. And I’m in love with the bell portettes. I want to bring luggage everyday!

wake up today to snow starting to fall. Weather report indicates freakin cold! Kokusai here we come!


Made it uneventfully to Sapporo, except at Hawaiian Air the self-check¬† kiosk wouldn’t read my passport so got delayed there. No time for foos at airport, but had time for beer!

Hawaiian flight was good, they included a meal & snack. The level of service & care in actions was not like a Japan run airline though.

Checked in Sapporo Grand Hotel, good location, pretty nice, decent sizewd room, better than the micro room I had when I was here last time by myself, We ran across the street for a quick dirt cheap gyudon/negi tama gyudon meal,

In Sapporo Again

Flight to Chitose was supposed to be almost an hour late, but the winds weren’t strong all the way across the Pacific, so got in at the scheduled time. Too bad the baggage took forever to come off the plane. My bag is all wet from sitting in the rain at HNL before getting loaded. Wonderful.


Yet More Wahiawa Sakura, Again

The four other trees at the rise along California Avenue are still looking as dead as two weekends ago, but the tree at the corner of California and Karsten Drive (the second left part of Karsten) is in its full glory. Most of the other trees are sending out new leaves as their blooms dwindle. Sorry, didn’t have a camera, so no pictures.

Camera On A Stick

Got a Leki carbon trekking pole with the photo adapter. Figure can use it for multiple purpose of hiking pole and a pole mount for the action cams. Trying out the provided 1/4″ tripod mount adapter with a Giotto mini ball head worked, but it seems a little tenuous. It’s really designed for compact still cameras.

So this is what I came up with. A 3/8″ inner diameter by 1 1/2″ long steel spacer made from rolled sheet, a 3/8″ bolt and wingnut, a hose clamp, thumbscrew, and the mentioned Giotto ball head. The ball head actually has a 3/8×16 threaded hole in it’s base with an adapter to the more common 1/4×20 tripod hole.

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No pauah

Man, electricty’s been out here for the last couple hours so far. Time to go for a drive! (Maybe should ride, but need to go buy some stuff) Gee HiElectric, it’s only some gusty winds!